Website Jobs - Writer, Moderator, Marketing, Development

As we get to know an individual better, other positions may be available based on your interests and aptitude. If you're interested in a job we don't list here that could relate to this site, please let us know when you apply: Staff Application. We are looking for upbeat, positive, and above all, passionate applicants. If you are interested in gaining new skills while contributing to a community and having fun, then keep reading!


Do you find yourself making mini guides or needing cheat sheets while you play your favorite games? Do you research and compile information to refer back to as a means of improving your gaming experience? Then not only are you already doing this job, but you are probably good at it already!

This position is great if you're:

  • Wanting to build a portfolio. We give credit for anything you've published and can automatically link articles you write to a Google profile.
  • You're interested in learning about the educational and business aspect publishing content on a website. For example; social marking, search engine optimization, writing techniques that increase user engagement etc. Once you have it mastered it's easy to rinse/repeat with other topics that interest you!
  • An advertiser that is interested in writing content for a game and can cleverly relate content to a third party they'd like to promote. Keep in mind, the game and topic you're talking about should not be too much of a "reach". No, you can't post your casino link. Links added should be very related to a specific game or game series and contain useful content to any reader in that section of the site.
    • Example: If you created a mod for a game you might center an article around a walkthrough or guide that involves using the mod. External links are screened before the articles can move out of a "draft" state.

Note: content is screened and goes through an editing process before it goes live. Any thing you create should be your own!

Income opportunities

Since we just re-launched the site, we're currently working out the details of how this will work since we'd like to offer an ongoing monetary reward for whatever advertising income accrues as a result of your effort.  We would discourage anyone from applying that are joining only for this reason, it is only an added bonus.


Are you chatty, helpful, and a leader? Can you remain impartial in tough circumstances and make the best out of any situation? Do you have great organizational and written skills? Then you'd make a great moderator!


  • Moving discussions from one section to another to keep topics organized is also a common job for a forum moderator.
  • Contributing to conversations on a regular basis, particularly in the areas where your own interests and expertise exists.
  • Keeping threads on topic.
  • Removing posts created by spammers or that hold no value to a discussion.



  • In charge of link building, reaching out to appropriate audiences and networks
    • Identify key opportunities to increase site exposure and make connections by emailing and posting in other forums and blog.
  • Be a bridge between the community and important features needed that would improve user experience.
  • Identify areas of improvement, identifying anything that's broken or is not as intuitive as it could etc.
  • Research and analyze potential markets (games) that we should focus support on.
    • Keyword research for those games to identify where time would be best spent.