Main Characters

John Dalton: TCA Marshall (your character):
Marshall John Dalton is a former marine who was cashiered for insubordination. Shipped out to the frontier to uphold the law as a TCA Marshall, he would like nothing better than to work his way back into the good graces of the military.

Aida: Intelligence Officer:
Aida is the intelligence officer, or "spook".

She's a beautiful and mysterious ex-Military Intelligence Operative who left the service after an incident that scarred her mind and left her with a dislike for authority. She now monitors what's happening in the sector and keeps you in the loop on the current situation. Aida will keep in constant contact with you even if you have to go planet-side. She is highly mistrustful of Isaak due to his past - leading to tension aboard the 'Atlantis'.

Isaak: Ship's Engineer/Armory Officer:
Isaak is the ships engineer and armory officer. He keeps the ships systems running, maintains the armory and tinkers with technology. Isaak will make sure you have the best weapons and equipment available if you should go looking for trouble! Subject to a shattering experience earlier in his life, Isaak is a recovering alcoholic, trying to make amends for his mistakes.