Change Difficulty

Torchlight 2 does not easily allow difficulty switching in single player games. Though people that play multiplayer games switch their difficulty settings all the time when they create and join new games.
There are three ways you can approach changing your games difficultly in single player. Some are more involved and may flag you as cheating
  • Creating a LAN game
  • Modify your game through the console
  • Using a mod

Create a LAN game

This option is low barrier and easy enough for just about anyone. Simply choose LAN instead of Single Player when you start Torchlight 2. Fill out any game name and adjust the difficulty as you'd like.  
  • You don't need your LAN setup to use this as an option to play single player
  • You don't even need an internet connection.
  • Your progress in a LAN game will be saved just like in a single player game.
  • If you ever use the Single Player option again you'll be back in the original difficultly that you originally chose for that game (again, with all your LAN games progress saved within it).
Persisting your map/progress and rerolling the worldIf you want to persisting the same world between each lan game play in another difficulty, just make sure you don't tick "reroll world" on the LAN options. On the other hand, that is now an option you can use to some easy level griding. Re-rolling the world or using LAN in a different difficulty setting does not reset any of your quest statuses.If you're having trouble persisting the same world you also make sure you are using the same game name, same difficulty, and same machine. Though, in my tests, these things didn't matter. Games

Modifying saved game files through the console

Using this method we will be changing your save game file through a built in console command. Beware, there has been issues for people playing multiplayer in the past that use console commands for other things and get their account flagged as a cheater.
  1. Your saved game files can be located in the following places. Though they're not easily editable in a text editor like in other games:
    • Windows 7 File Path: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\
    • Windows XP File Path: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\My Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight\
  2. In that folder you'll find settings.txt
  3. Change "CONSOLE :0" to "CONSOLE :1"
  4. Get into a single player game with the character that you'd like to change the difficulty of.
  5. Hit the tilde key (~)
  6. Type "setdifficulty X" and replace X with the corresponding Difficulty that you'd like, then hit enter
    • 0 - Easy, 1 - Normal, 2 - Veteran, 3 - Elite

Using a mod


You can use Rapid Respec mod to alter the saved game file (among other things). This is more involved if you've never used a mod, but the important point is, changing your single player default difficulty when using this will not flag you as a cheater. That is if you decide to do multiplayer games at a later date.