Race Counter Defense Guide

A counter unit chart for reference when encountered the most basic units in the game

Units Terran Counters Protoss Counters Zerg Counters
Marine Firebat/Vulture Zealot/Reaver Lurker/Gaurdian
Firebat Siege Tank/Goliath Dragoon/Reaver Hydralisk
Ghost Vulture/Science Vessel Zealot Hydralisk
Vulture Siege Tank Dragoon Hydralisk
Siege Tank Wraith/Battlecruiser Scout Mutalisk
Goliath Siege Tank Dragoon Hydralisk
Wraith Valkyrie Corsair Hydralisk
Battlecruiser Wraith Scout Devourer
Science Vessel Wraith Scout/Corsair Mutalisk
Valkyrie Battlecruiser Carrier Devourer
Medic Science Vessel/Anything Reaver/Anything Queen/Anything