Cheat Codes

To enter cheat code, click enter while in a single player game, type the cheat code in, and click enter again. If you entered it correctly, a message should appear saying something like 'cheat enabled'. These cheats are only for single player games.

Power overwhelming - God Mode
Show me the money - Gives you 10,000 gas and 10,000 crystal
Operation CWAL - Speeds construction of buildings and units
The Gathering - Gives unlimited energy to all casting units
Game over man - Ends your game as a loss (A pretty dumb cheat...)
Staying Alive - Prevents the mission from ending due to victory or defeat
There is no cow level - Completes the current mission
Whats mine is mine - 500 free minerals
Breathe deep - 500 free Vespene Gas
Something for nothing - Gives all upgrades
Black Sheep Wall - Reveals map
Medieval man - Free upgrades to units
Modify the phase variance - Ability to build all buildings
War aint what it used to be - Disables fog of war
Food for thought - Ability to build units beyond the support limit
Ophelia - Enter this to enable level skipping cheat. Then enter the mission you want to skip to (ex: "terran10") to go there. For Brood War levels type x before the levels (ex: "xterran8")
Radio Free Zerg - Play as zerg in broodwar and enter this cheat. If enterted correctly, the game should start playing a hidden zerg song.

Hear the different unit phrases:
Choose a unit four times. Pick it again to hear a different phrase. This may be done on every ground unit, air unit, and heroes. Every unit has four to seven different phrases which may be heard by following this process..

Nuking neutral animals:
Pick a neutral animal (Kakaru, Rhyadon, Scantid, Ursadon, Bangalass, Or Ragnasaur) over and over again until a nuke falls on them. They will make up to fifteen sounds before they die.

Angry Marine:
On the first Terran bootcamp mission where you build three supply depots, have the Marines attack each other. One of the Marines will give an angry speech.

Protoss rushing:
Construct three or four gateways in a row so you only have to make three or four zealots at each gateway to get twelve. Then, build a Forge so you can build photon cannons.

Easy victory against CPU Zerg:
Construct Proton Cannons near the Zerg base and fire protons at the Zerg base.

Destroying Siege Tanks:
Assemble a large group of Dragoons (9-12), and they will easily overpower Siege Tanks.

Protoss defense:
If you are Protoss, construct many Photo Cannons at your entrance until it is blocked. Put twelve Reavers in front with twelve Scouts just above them. Now make sure your Scouts and Reavers hold position.

Easy Terran win:
Set the rally point of your factory in the middle of the enemy base. Keep constructing Goliaths and Siege Tanks. Let them take out the base. The Goliaths will take out most air units. Make sure to bring a Science Vessel for Cloaked and Burrowed troops.

Zerg defense:
If you chose to be Zerg, start by blocking your entrance with Sunken Colonies. Make about two rows of them. Next, build some Spore Colonies in front and in back of the Sunken Colonies. Put some Guardians as soon as possible just in front of your Spore Colonies. Make your Guardians hold position.

Fast Zerglings:
Have your four starting Drones begin harvesting. You will only have to construct one more Drone. When these hatch, have it harvest. Wait until you get 200 minerals, then build a Spawning Pool. When you get 50 minerals, make a Drone, then another. When you get 100 minerals, make an Overlord. You should have 6 Drones, about 150 minerals, and 2 Overlords when your Pool is done. This takes about two to three minutes and all comps will fall to you, even the hardest ones.