Cheat Codes

Note: some of the HUD commands below may not be functional in Enemy territory

You'll need to modify your desktop shortcut slightly before you can activate these cheats:

  1. Create a copy of your single player desktop shortcut
  2. Right-click on it and select "properties"
  3. In the "Target" field, add the following to the very end (outside the quotes, after 1 space): +set sv_cheats 1
  4. Click OK
  5. Launch the game using that shortcut

Cheat Codes

To activate a cheat, bring down the console with the "~" key and type in the cheat.

/give all
/give ammo
/give armor
/give health
/give stamina
Makes you invulnerable.
Keeps enemies from attacking you.
Lets you walk through walls and fly.
Gives you all weapons and ammo.
Gives you full ammo
Gives you full armor.
Gives you full health
Gives you full stamina
Gives you infinite stamina

Level Warping

You can skip to any level in the game with the "/spdevmap" command. Just bring down the console, type "/spdevmap" (without the quotes) and one of the following map names:

Ominous Rumors:

  • TRAM

Dark Secret:

  • CRYPT1
  • CRYPT2
  • BOSS1

Weapons of Vengeance:


Deadly Design:

  • SFM
  • SWF

Deathshead's Playground:

  • Boss2

Return Engagement:

  • DAM
  • DARK

Operation Resurection:

  • DIG
  • END

HUD Commands

This class of commands affects different displays on the heads up display. Many of these settings can also be changed in the menus.
/toggle cg_drawcompass
Toggles the compass on or off.

/toggle cg_draw2d
Turns the entire Heads Up Display either on or off.

/toggle cg_drawfps
Either shows or hides your frame-per-second in the upper right-hand corner.

Changes your field of view. Higher values give you a "fishbowl" effect that some players like, as it gives them better periferal vision.

/toggle cg_drawtimer
Shows the amount of time left on the level. Not too useful, since there's a clock on the screen by default.

/toggle cg_gibs
Toggles whether or not gibs are drawn when someone is hit particularly hard.

/toggle cg_drawteamoverlay
Draws or hides the team overlay information that shows health and location of all your teammates.

Miscellaneous Functional Commands

These commands are useful to have for their functionality.
/name xxxx
Where xxxx is a string, it sets your player name to that string.

You can put colored letters into your name by typing ^# while typing your name, where # is a number between 1 and 9. The colors are:
1 - Red
2 - Green
3 - Yellow
4 - Blue
5 - Light Blue
6 - Pink
7 - White
8 - Black
9 - Red

Tries to reconnect to the last server you were connected to.

Kills you. Useful for quickly dying so you can respawn as a different class or with a different weapon.

Quits the game.

Shows the current server's settings.

/toggle r_fullscreen
Will toggle between windowed and full screen mode. You must restart the game each time it's changed.