Trainya - Small Coastline Trainyard

Objective: 1. Steal the truck near the main entrance

Weapons: Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3

First of all, turn 90 degrees to the right. Walk on until you see a ladder. Climb it. Then, go on until you see a hole with a ladder. Climb down that ladder. Take the Uzi and ammo. You can see a door. Equip your Glock 17. Open the door and you'll see a guy standing in front of the drinks machine. Use your Binoculars and target his head. Shoot him. He will die in 1 shoot if you point it accurately. Otherwise, you can shoot his torso (It will take a few bullets). You can kill him with the Uzi too. After you kill him, quickly equip your knife, step back a little and wait until another enemy comes through the door. Stab him in the neck and he will die in one stab. Then, take the AK47's from their bodies. Exit this room through another door. You'll see a door on the left. Enter it and use either computer to turn off the security cameras for 2 minutes.

Quickly run outside and go left to the water tower. Climb the ladder. Be careful, there's an enemy here. When you reach the top of the water tower, equip your knife and stab his neck then take the Dragunov. I love this gun! It's a sniper rifle. Use your Binoculars to see the enemies. Push your alt fire to get snipe mode. Kill all the enemies here. There are 5 enemies, (1 on a watch tower, 1 in a post, and 3 in the area to the left). Look up until you get another sign at the bottom of your monitor, then push your use button to slide down the wire to the watch tower. Take the AK47 there.

Slide down the ladder by pushing the use button once again. NOTE : If the time limit left for the camera is still over 1 minute, you can go around to the left. If not, go back to turn off the security camera. Go to the left, and follow the path to the left. You don't have to enter the warehouse. Follow the path until you see a fence. Climb it. Then, if the security cameras are on again, shoot the camera at the top right. Equip the Dragunov again, wait until you see a guy cross, kill him and take his AK47. Go right a little and you'll see a camera to the right. Ignore it by walking through the left hand side of this place. Push the button beside the gate to open it. Finally go to the truck (It's in the garage on the left). Once you get to the truck your first mission is complete.


shereef Mohammed

You do complicated!!
First of all after killing the two guards in the very first room you enter neither getout from the door nor shut off the security cameras as you will need them later on.
After climbing the ladder of the water tower try to shoot the enemies while the cameras are watching them in order to sound the alarm

After all the the soldiers take place shoot them using either ak 47 for the static soldiers or the dragonov for the moving soldiers after you clear them all you can get anywhere you want there is a medipack in one of the barracks a minigun several grenades in the warehouses

there will be still about 5 soldiers you can't see while on the watertower so befre you get the weapins I was talking about kill them there 2 in front of the target van one in front of one of the cameras one walking in fron of a very large warehouse and one hiding outside the office area you can choose the way you can kill them just steal the van andd themission will be over


For looking through ur rifle u need to set a button for alternate fire....For that go to controls then set any button as alternate fire....Have a rocking life and keep gamingggg.....

atri bhowmick

i killed only 1 person and completed this


The first mission is easier than that!

First, you climb the ladder, walk forward a bit and climb down the ladder.Got the Uzi?Equip it.Fire once on the door and be ready 'cause the gaurds are coming.The door opens, you start firing until they are killed.Go in and open the door and go in the next room and use any one computer to disable the security cameras and go out and climb the water tank.Equip your knife and stab the sniper's neck.Kill the guys in watch tower and quard post and use the wire to go to the watchtower.Don't forget to take the Dragunov.Kill all the brats and shoot security cameras from there(one will be left.He will not be in view.).Now you can run to the truck.(Fast!)
Job done.


The bunker on the sides of watchtower.
Hand Grenades.

The largest warehouse.
A nice gun.