SAM Base - Small Missile Defense Base


  1. Locate and retrieve the C4 charges from the warehouse
  2. Place 1 charge on each of the SAM launchers
  3. Proceed to the extraction point

Weapons: Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3

Equip your knife or Mp5 SD3 and go to the right. You'll see a man walking alone beside the warehouse. Go there in the crouch position and shoot him. Go back to the corner of the warehouse. Carry on a little further and there's a guy to your left, kill him and take his AK47. Go straight on past the house on the left, then around to the left. If you don't see the enemy look at your map as there must be one around here. Kill him and take the AK47. Equip the Mp5 SD3 and press alt fire to zoom in a little. There are 2 enemies near the SAM, kill them (If you can see only one, wait until both are in view). Now enter the house that I told you to ignore just now. Take the M16 A2 and some bullets and exit the house. Enter the warehouse in front of the house (It has "Explosiva" written on it). Take the C4, grenades, flashbang and proximity mine. Ok, you've completed objective 1.

Exit the warehouse and go back to the place where you killed the first enemy. You can see an enemy patrolling there, kill him with your new weapon (M16 A2). Then, go to the right and you'll see an enemy standing by the post. He has a Minimi. So, use the alternate fire on him. You can see a SAM from here and there are 2 enemies patrolling by it (you can only see 1 because the other one is standing behind it). Kill them. Ok, now you need to place the C4 on each SAM (You've found 2 SAM's). There are 2 ways to get to the third SAM:

  1. Go through the guardian
  2. Turn to the right and going far right (If you get lost look at your map).

I suggest you to choose the second option (It's a lot safer).
Place the charge on the third SAM. Objective 2 is now complete.

Make your way to the helipad to the right and it's over!



Much easier than that.

Kill the guys standing there form where you are.Kill the guy in the watchtower and the man down below.Get in the watchtower.Kill all the chaps using binoculars.Get down.Obtain the C4 Charges.Put them on both the sam launchers.Now reach the third one by going to the helipad and a little forard and kill the guy standingearby not both.Put the C4 on that too and proceed to the helipad.
Job done.