Get Jones' Equipment Back


  1. Escape from infantry base
  2. Iinfiltrate tank maintenance yard and gain access to ammo storage building
  3. Obtain map computer and homing beacon
  4. Fix and set homing beacon on SAM launcher for air-strike
  5. Infiltrate listening post and radar
  6. Proceed to the extraction point

Weapons: Knife, Dessert Eagle, Dragunov, Hand Grenade

Equip the Dragunov, exit the truck and quickly take cover to the left. You can see a camera and a guard patrolling. Destroy the camera first, then kill the guard. Run to the right by taking cover behind the garage so the sniper can't shoot you, then kill him. There are 2 cameras to the left, the one farthest left is moving and the other is standing still. When the one that moves is going to the left destroy the stationary one and then quickly destroy the moving one. Push the button to open the gate, take AK47 from the dead body and open the door to the second house. Throw in a Hand Grenade and run back. Take the guns from the dead bodies and enter the second warehouse to get loads of Hand Grenades. Exit through the gate and destroy the only camera. Use the binoculars and you will see another enemy on the watch tower. Kill him with your Dragunov. Go right a little and there's another guy standing in the house, kill him with the Dragunov.

NOTE : The 1st objective can be completed by jumping on the boxes to the left, but by doing this you will miss out on collecting a Spas12 inside the building. You can use the short route if you already know where the enemies are and are confident you won't run out of ammo, if not then follow the section marked * below.

**** Unlock the gate. Go through and run along the wall to the right. Destroy the camera above you then wait until an enemy comes from the house. Jump over the small wall and enter the house, take the Spas12. Push the elevator button. If you need more Spas12 ammo you can get it from the room on the right by killing another enemy. Go up to the second floor and kill the guard outside with the Spas12. When you exit the elevator there will be another enemy to the left. Go outside, there's a guard there too. Take the Spas12, push the button for the gate and open the door to the left then kill the guard. Go back to the elevator, push the button again and go down to the basement. Kill the enemy in the room on the left and exit the house. Make your way out of the infantry base ****

First objective is now complete.

When you are out of the base turn right and go straight on (in the direction of the watch tower). Climb up the ladder to take another Dragunov at The top of the watch tower. Slide down the ladder and when you reach the ground, you'll face the base. Go forward and you'll see another ladder. Climb it and jump onto the barrel then ontt the roof. Go to the right and drop down onto the top of the box. Ignore the enemy on the tower just carry on 'round to the right. There will be an enemy there. Equip your AK47 and kill him before he turns on the alarm. Open the door by picking the lock. Beware! There's a camera and an enemy at the left, so first destroy the camera and then the guy. If the alarm goes off 2 tanks will come out from the hangar. No problem as you'll get 2 LAW80's later (heavy artillery!!). Slide down the ladder and there will be 2 enemies behind the door. Open it and kill them both. The 2nd objective is now complete.

If you look to the right you'll see 2 chambers. Take 2 LAW80's and a homing beacon from the right hand chamber, and get the Map Computer from the left chamber. Your 3rd objective has been completed.

Exit this building and you'll see an empty tank to the left. An enemy will be patrolling there. Kill him and open your map computer zooming it once. You'll see "Bunker" text located in front of you. Go there and a man will be standing there. Equip a Hand Grenade, push and hold the fire button for a few seconds (about 2) and throw it into the bunker. Run as fast as you can. Go in the direction of the watch tower and on up a little, then turn to the right. You should see another watch tower. It was visible from the first watch tower when you killed a sniper earlier. Kill the next sniper with your Dragunov and look at the Map Computer, you'll see "4" indicated. Go there and set the homing beacon. Run to the right and after a few seconds look back at the SAM. Watch the air-strike as it destroys the SAM (cool). Your 4th objective is complete.

Proceed to the highest place on the right and you will see a dome with a house beside it. There are 2 enemies here. You can either kill them with the Dragunov or enter the area to kill them. Go into the dome and push the button to finish the 5th objective.

Leave the dome and jump over the boxes and the wall. When you get to the helicopter you've completed the mission.