Radar Base

Disrupt Jach's Communications Network


  1. Locate the radar dome key-card
  2. Insert the virus into the radar dome terminal
  3. Secure the extraction zone

Weapons: Knife, Glock 17, M16 A2

Introduction : This mission is rather hard for the first time. You may die a couple times before completing it.

Equip your Glock 17. Continue down, and you'll see a guard standing there. Shoot him in the head and quickly strafe right to go behind the post. Equip the AK47 and wait to the left side of the post to kill the next guard or stand up and shoot him. Pass to the right and shoot the camera above.

Equip your M16 A2 and when you see an enemy open the gate, kill him (he will stand still for a few seconds). Run along the wall of the building to the right (if you do this, the enemies don't see you). Enter the building and push the button for the elevator. Ready your AK47 and ride the elevator down. Beware! there are 2 enemies waiting after the elevator arrives. When the elevator stops and the door opens, a guy will be standing to the right. There's another guard around to the left. Enter the rooms to get a Dessert Eagle and a Medipack. Go back to the elevator and push the button. This time it will go up past the last stop and there will be a further enemy patrol. Wait until he comes into view or go search for him.

After you've killed him go around to the left (outside) and another enemy will be there. Equip your M16 A2 and use your Binoculars to see the enemies. There will be a guy on the watch tower. Kill him first using your M16 A2. Equip the AK47 again, go back down through the elevator (if you know this area well you could jump from here, by landing on the hedge, then walking down. This does however damage your health a little). Next turn off the camera in the sentry post and enter the other area. Be careful, a guard is sometimes standing in front of the door to the generator room. If he is there, don't shoot him as there's a camera behind him (provided you turned off the cameras this won't be a problem). Destroy the camera and kill the guard (if the guard isn't there you will need to search him out. He will be patrolling the generator room). Carry on to the next gate (in front of the previous one) and there will be 2 enemies here. There is also another enemy patrolling the warehouse to the right. Kill him too. Enter the warehouse and take the Proximity mine, Minimi, Hand Grenades and Flash Bang (the flash bang blinds the enemy for a while). Exit the warehouse.

There's a camera out here but it's difficult to see, so it's hard to aim. You can either destroy it from here with your AK47 or wait until later. Enter the house and go on into another room, kill the enemy. You can see another guard outside patrolling. Continue on to the next room. When you enter it there will be another guy so take him down. Open the door. If you didn't destroy the camera earlier, no problem as it's on the right hand wall. Destroy it now before it locates you. Enter the house and enter another room. Prepare yourself for another fight. Equip a Hand Grenade. When you open the door, throw the grenade in and run back until you're outside. Equip the AK47, then go back in again and kill any guards who didn't die. Take the radar dome key-card on the left hand computer table. Your first objective is now complete.

Exit the house and make your way back to the first gate. You can see the third gate to the left. Open it and carry on until you are outside the base. Kill the 2 enemies and enter the dome. Use the radar dome key-card at the computer on the second floor (after you climb up the ladder, go left). Objective 2 is complete.

Exit the dome and look at your map. The third objective is visible. Go to the place indicated on the map. There are 2 enemies you need to kill initially. One guy is standing still and is easily killed. The second is patrolling the houses. Wait until he comes into view and then kill him. There are 3 enemies next, 1 on the roof, 1 on the second floor, and 1 on the ground. Kill the ones on the ground and second floor by using the M16 A2's explosives. Kill the last one with your M16 A2 or the AK47. Then go to the helipad and wait for the helicopter to land. The mission is now complete.