Missile Trainyard

Get On The Train


  1. Enter the base and disarm security system
  2. Enter high security compound and board train
  3. Eliminate all resistance

Weapons: Knife, M16 A2, Hand Grenade, FlashBang, Medipack

Introduction: This mission is rather tough. A good shot is required and you need to know where the alarm button is. If the alarm is raised for 30 seconds or more the mission is over.

Equip your M16 A2. Slide down the ladder and go to the right. You'll see a guy standing on the watch tower. When you're close enough use your explosive on the M16 A2 (Alternate Fire). Go to the bridge and when you see another guard by the watch tower kill him with the M16 A2 gun. Don't let him shoot at you or his friend will hear it and raise the alarm. Go on a little and there's a man patrolling. If you can't see him wait until he appears in front of you. Kill him with the M16 A2 explosive. Use the binoculars to locate a man standing on a tower. Point them at his head to get an accurate fix and kill him with the M16 A2. Carry on down and go to the left past the sentry post. Go up to the place that looks like a bridge beside the sentry point and destroy the barrels beside the enemy. Kill the 2 enemies. Carry on up straight ahead until you reach a machine gun and a truck. There's an enemy behind the truck. Kill him. Use the Machine Gun to kill all the enemies on the ground (about 3 guards). Look through the binoculars again and there will be another enemy patrol by the train. Use the machine gun to kill him too. Don't worry too much if you can't kill him as you can kill him later with the Dragunov when you get it.

Exit the post and climb up the ladder next to the place that looks like a bridge. Take the Dragunov from the guard you killed from the bridge and slide down the ladder. Open the Map and look for a number "1". Go there and enter the house. Quick reactions are needed before they raise the alarm so don't hang about. Open the next door and quickly kill the enemy standing in front of another door. He will raise the alarm if you're too slow. Go through the door and kill the 2 guards there. Return to the previous room and one of the guards will have re-generated! Kill him quickly then go back to the previous area where you killed 2 enemies again. Sometimes a guard will enter this room to raise the alarm, but sometimes he just stands in the next room. Kill him either way. Use the computer and your 1st objective is complete.

Exit from the house and head west (Left on the map). Equip your Dragunov and kill all the enemies you find on the way but don't destroy the camera. Wait here until the train has passed then quickly follow it until it stops. Get onto the train and kill the enemy with your Spas12. Meet up with Priboi and the mission is complete. Objective 3 was just an ongoing part of the mission.