Military Airbase

Rescue Josef From The Airbase


  1. Locate and rescue Josef Priboi from inside the security building
  2. Escort Josef Priboi to the extraction point

  1. Find Josef Priboi's new location by checking the flight logs in the control tower
  2. Escape by stealing one of the fighter jets

Weapons: Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3

Introduction: This mission is quite difficult if it's the first time you've played 1st person shooters and you don't know the enemy positions or the strategy to win the mission. You may have to play a couple times to get through it.

Equip your Mp5 SD3. Go on straight to a building. Kill the first guy with your gun (Press Alternate Fire to zoom in a little) and take the AK47 from him. If you want to get more bullets for the AK47, you can enter the building and kill the guy on the 2nd floor. Next, look for the boxes behind the fence and go there, you can see the enemy base from here. Go down a little and you'll see three trees.

Go to corner of the wall (bye the two trees nearest together) and peek around the wall to see another enemy. Shoot him with your Mp5 SD3 to kill him without being detected by the other guards. Sneak up or crouch to the left and you'll see a guy standing alone. Take him out. Continue on your way to the gate but don't go through it. You'll see a guy in a sentry post and another guy beside the truck. Shoot the guy in the post first (point at his head). If you kill him like this the other guy won't hear it. Then, walk into the base and shoot the next guy in the head. You could shoot his body but it takes more shoots. After collecting the AK47, you'll see a big garage. It's close by. Go to the left wall and open the garage. Enter it in the crouched position. Proceed to the front wheel of the first truck, equip your AK47 (the magazine must be fully loaded). Stand up to locate where the enemies are, then crouch back down so they can't shoot you. When they reload their guns, it's your turn to shoot. Kill them. Open the door and climb the ladder. Open your Map Computer and zoom in once to see where the enemies are. There will be another enemy standing behind the next door if you use AK47. Open the door and kill him (use your Mp5 SD3), then look at your map again.

Another enemy patrols on top of the water tower. Kill him with the MP5 SD3. Next, go left a little, and use your Binoculars. You'll see another 2 enemies, 1 on the ground, the another one on the balcony (this one's a sniper). Walk on until the distance is about 70-80 meters, then kill him. If the enemy on the ground disappears, you can wait for him or climb up the ladder (I suggest you wait then kill him). Climb up the ladder and take the Dragunov. First, destroy the camera (on the 1st objective building). Then, kill the rest of the enemies. There are 6 enemies (Don't shoot the guy between the watch tower and the warehouse). Slide down the ladder. Continue on your way, then look at your map. There will be another guy patrolling near the guy that you killed on the ground just now. You can snipe him or kill him with the Mp5 SD3 to take him out without any sound.

Then, walk a little to the left and you'll see another sniper on the balcony (It's to the right). Use the Dragunov to kill him in one shoot, this guy is a sniper too. Next, run to the building and take the weapons (Dragunov). The entrance is at the rear. Continue on your way to the first objective building. Enter it but beware! There are 3 generals (they look like normal soldiers, but have a red hat) in the house. When you enter equip the AK47 and kill them (they have a Shotgun, and an Uzi). 2 enemies will come out of the objective house. Kill them. Now enter the objective house. Ignore the first door. Enter the other room, then enter the room on the left. Descend the stairs and prepare yourself for a fight. Equip your AK47. Open the door. If you're unlucky the guard will be in front of you. Kill him anyway. Ignore the cells and enter the medical room. Take the Medipack. Once you pass the last jail you'll have contact with Anya. Now exit the base through the same way as you came in.

When you reach the front gate equip your Dragunov (it must be have at least 20 bullets). Use your binoculars to see the enemies cross the border. Shoot them. The alarm will sound if you kill them all, but that's no problem provided you have plenty of ammo and decent skills to play the game. After you kill all the enemies and the alarm is on, go to the sentry post and open the gate. Equip your AK47 or Spas12 (Shotgun). Open the door. There's a guy guarding the house. Go on until you reach a room with 1 window. Crouch and approach the window. The enemy outside will see you and shoot at you. When he reloads kill him with your gun. Exit this house and go to the tower. Use the elevator but beware! Enemies await you! When the elevator opens a guard will start to shoot. Kill him. Exit the elevator but don't go upstairs as someone will come down. Kill him. Ascend the stairs and use the computer.

Exit this base and go over to the hangar (there will be 2 jets, use the one on the right). Your 3rd mission is now complete.