Defend The Friendly Troops


  1. Secure the village and climb the water tower ready to cover the friendly troops
  2. Provide cover for the friendly troops until Josef has been freed

Weapons: Knife, Mp5 SD3, Dragunov, Hand Grenade

Introduction : This mission needs to be played quickly at the beginning. Without speed at the start, the mission will not succeed.

Objective 1 must be completed as quickly as possible to maximize the time available to carry out the next objective. Firstly, equip your Mp5 SD3. Run to the truck in the crouched position. You'll see 2 pairs of feet (enemies) behind the truck. Shoot their feet to make them come out. Take 'em out. Then, go to the front of the truck in the crouched position. Stand up and you'll see a window covered by a tree at the far side of the truck. There is an enemy in there. Kill him (this guy is rather tough to kill if you don't know where the window is). There are 2 enemies left and sometimes they hear you. They are situated further into the ruins but always outside. Kill them as quickly as possible. Objective 1 is now complete.

Quickly continue down the bank to the water tower. Climb the ladder and equip your Dragunov. Look towards the base. There are 2 enemies to the bottom left, 1 enemy on the bottom right, 1 enemy to the upper left, and 2 enemies to the upper right. Kill them all. After the troops have landed, 2 enemies will appear from the warehouse on the bottom left (they appear one by one).

After you've killed them, look to the bottom right. 2 enemies will appear from the warehouse, kill them. 3 enemies will next come out from the office to the upper right. Kill them. Now move your scope to the upper left. There's 1 enemy on the balcony. After you've killed him, 3 or 4 enemies will come out from the house. Kill them. Then, when Anya warns you that enemies are sneaking up and shooting at you, back up until they can't see you and wait until the level ends. You can kill them quite easily (there are 2 enemies). Either use the sniper rifle or a Hand Grenade. Pull out the ring (hold your fire button) and wait about 4-5 seconds, then throw it at them. Provided you're on target it'll kill them instantly. The mission is then over.



Please complete the mission information josef will came out After then look at upper left there are three guards kill them after them other guards will came again kill till they stop coming.then on the machine gun point there is a man holding the gun kill him friendly soldiers will came out and The mission is then over.


When i complete the first objective then i used to kill all the enimy which i see but if i kill then before they reach to friendly groups then it fails the mission.