Get Priboi

Kidnap Jach From His Base


  1. Obtain explosives from main warehouse
  2. Shutdown generator to disarm electric fence
  3. Set charges on fuel dump to make Priboi flee the safety of his warehouse
  4. Search all filing cabinets for incriminating evidence

Weapons: Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3

First, equip your Mp5 SD3. Strafe left a little and go straight on. After you reach the grey land, turn right until you see the camera. Go under it then shoot it. Quickly go to the window and kill the two men inside. Enter the building. When you open the door, you'll see another guy standing in front of the next door. Kill him. Enter the next room and take the guns from the corpses and also the LAW 80.

An alternative way:
Wait for the camera to change directions. You can get through the door before the camera turns around again. You can then shoot the guy through the second door and then the two in the alarm room. Once you have done that, you can shoot the camera through the window.

A 2nd alternative way:
There's a wire outside the house, which you can climb (the west of the house). You must kill a guy before going up. Jump on the blue barrels, then to the roof. You'll see a wire. Push "use" button to it. Start moving if the man in the house is looking another way. Don't go to the roof or the guard will turn on the alarm.

Open the next door and quickly strafe to the left. When you see the guy standing in front of the wall shoot him in the head with the Mp5 SD3. Another guard will enter the room, shoot him. Exit the house and destroy the camera on the wall to the left. Turn around 180 degrees to see a lot of green containers. Wait here until you see another enemy that comes out from the left hand box and kill him. Continue straight on.

NOTE : If you've sounded the alarm, a TANK will come out of it's hangar. You need to destroy it with the LAW 80.

Carry on forward until you see a camera. Ignore it for now and go to the left. There will be a guy patrolling here, kill him. Beware, he will turn on the alarm if you don't kill him quickly. Take the LAW 80 that is situated by the furthest box. When you hear the sound of gun fire destroy the camera. If you don't the enemy will notice you. Enter the building through the door (pick the lock) and there will be a guard inside. If you kill him with a gun the other enemies inside will hear you. Use either your knife or the Mp5 SD3. Take the Medipack inside. Open the door and quickly go straight on to take cover from their shots. Then, equip your Mp5 SD3. Press alternate fire to zoom in and kill them one by one. There should be five of them.

When they are all dead take the C4, Shotgun ammo, some guns from the dead bodies, proximity-mine and various other stuff from the truck. First objective is now complete.

An alternative way:
Sneak yourself to the warehouse while the guys in the warehouse are testing their machine gun to take the explosive only (In this case, you won't get JackHammer)

Exit this area. Don't forget to turn off the cameras at the computer. Behind the wall and to your left there is a guard house. Place a proximity mine there. View the map to see where objective 2 is and go there. Wait until the guard is facing the wrong direction and kill him with your Dragunov. Open the gate and destroy the camera with the AK47. Enter the generator room and climb down the ladder. Push the computer button to shut down the electric fence. Objective 2 is complete.

Exit the generator room and go around to the right. You will see an electric tower and a wire. Climb the ladder, equip your Jackhammer then slide down the wire.

NOTE : Normally 3 men come out of the guard room and take shots at you. You will take a little damage, but this can't be avoided. They may be blown up by the proximity mine earlier so this won't be a problem.

An alternative way:
After completing objective 2, go to the bottom of the electrical tower. You can snipe the guy stood on the tower farther down. This means he will not be a problem later on. Then go back the way you came (entrance) and go around the outside of the fence so that you can run down to the next area. If you do this, there are several advantages:

  1. 1) The helicopter doesn't come, so you don't get shoot by the guy in it
  2. 2) Those three men do not come out of the building, so you don't have to use your proximity mines on them

After you arrive at the next electric tower, quickly turn right and kill the guard before he shoots you. Take the Uzi and slide down the ladder. Don't slide down the cable again. Equip your Dragunov and kill the 2 enemies in the next area. Turn right and equip your Uzi, then enter the house. Kill the 2 enemies behind the wall. Exit the house and go to the fence. You'll see 2 cameras there. Go to the right hand side of the cameras and climb up the fence. There are 2 large tubes. Approach the tubes and set the bombs, then quickly climb up the fence again and run as far as you can. When the bombs explode, your 3rd objective is complete.

A limousine will come out. Enter the area that car comes from (It's on the left hand side). There are 2 doors, go to the back door and equip your Jackhammer. When you open the door kill the first enemy. Go behind the box. There's an enemy on the second floor, strafe left a little and shoot him. There's a further enemy on the ground, so strafe left and shoot him too. Go to the second floor to check the 3 lockers. Go back down and open the door. There will be an enemy on the left, kill him. There are 2 doors on the right, open the left hand one. There will be a guard standing in front of you. Kill him and check these 2 lockers. Your final objective is complete and the mission ends.