Eagle's Nest I

The Approach To Ekk's Fortress


  1. Locate and retrieve the sniper rifle
  2. Power up the cable car by switching the generator back on
  3. Activate the cable car controls

Weapons: Knife, Glock 17, Mp5 SD3, Hand Grenade

Introduction: The objectives are situated at different places or bases, so you will need practice strategy on this mission.

Equip your Mp5 SD3. Go forward until you see a man patrolling the top of the water tower (You will see 2 or 3 bases if you look through). Kill him. There is another guard walking near the water tower on the ground. This time use your knife and kill him with 1 stab. Equip your Mp5 SD3 again and go straight on. When you see a man standing behind a wall kill him. Go on around the building until you see a ladder. A guard patrols near this so take him out. Go left a little and there's a hole in the wall. A man is hiding inside so kill him.

Take the Spas12, Hand Grenades, and some ammo for the Spas12. Go outside (use the same entrance). Equip a Hand Grenade, push the fire button and hold. Aim it up to the second floor then release after a few seconds. Once it has exploded go up the ladder. If anyone's left alive go back down and use another grenade. Once you're on the second floor kill the 2 enemies that are left (sometimes only 1). Go up to the roof by jumping on the boxes and take the sniper rifle. Objective 1 complete.

Go down to the ground and approach the second base (You can see it on the map or from the roof by using the sniper rifle. When you can see the whole of the base follow this sequence to 'delete' the scum :

  1. Kill the man on the upper left corner watch tower
  2. Kill the patrol man (Not when he's at the centre of the base but when he is standing in front of a building).
  3. Destroy the camera
  4. Kill the man standing in a sentry post near the camera
  5. Kill the man on the watch tower beside number 1
  6. Kill the man on the watch tower beside number 5
  7. Kill the man on the watch tower near number 6 (There are 2 watch towers. Kill the guy on the left one)
  8. Equip your Mp5 SD3 and kill the man on the nearest watch tower.

Right, after you done all that, you can enter the base without worry. Go to the post and take the ammo. Before you enter the base and if the enemy is patrolling near you kill him with the sniper rifle. Enter the bunker in front of the sentry post. Use the computer to shut down the cameras for 2 minutes. Enter the garage to get some Hand Grenades, the M16 A2 and some ammo. Carry on until you are outside again. Use the binoculars to see if the enemy is anywhere near. There should be a guard patrolling the generator house. Kill him. Then, before the cameras go back on line destroy them (2 cameras). 1 is on the wall of the house, the other is on the wall of the bunker near the fence. Go towards the fence but DON'T TOUCH IT, if you do the generals in the house will see you. Instead walk around and go to the camera near the fence. Push the button and equip a Hand Grenade. Open the door, throw in the Hand Grenade and run back a little. After it explodes take the 2 Uzi's and the Spas12. Go to the generator room and slide down the ladder then push the button. Objective 2 is complete.

Exit the generator room and leave the base then go on to the third base. This final objective is rather difficult. You may have to try it a couple times before you're successful. Use your Dragunov if there's ammo or the Mp5 SD3. You can see a man patrolling to the left. Kill him. If you can't see enemy near the man in the sentry box then kill the guy in the box. Equip the M16 A2 and use alternate fire to blast the back of the house. There are a few generals there. Take their guns and equip the Spas12 or M16 A2. Go to the sentry post and open the gate but BE CAREFUL, don't push the wrong button. Enter the base and destroy the camera first. Next kill the 3 guards that are left. Go to the cable car generator, activate it, and enter the cable car to complete the mission.


Chintan Joshi

Have tried the same atleast more than 50 times but after activating colsole when anya says get into the cable car, it does not completes, please assist as what can be done.


Easy, just try to turn the controls on again.
If this don,t work so you have no choice but to download a save file to play "Eagle,s Nest II".