Defend Priboi

Take Jach To The FRN


  1. Obtain Proximity Mines from storage depot
  2. To proceed to highest building in abandoned village and await evacuation

Weapons: Knife, Glock 17, M16 A2

Introduction: You will need to practice the strategy.

Equip the Glock 17. Turn left and head to the base. You'll see a man Running, is possible kill him with the Glock 17 while he's running, if not wait until he's out of the base and let Priboi kill him. Go to the front of the warehouse and kill another guard. Take the Uzi, equip it and turn left to kill the 2 enemies. Look through the binoculars to see where the barrels are. It's near the enemy on a place like a bridge. Shoot the barrels to kill the guard then quickly shoot the other guy near him. You can see a garage with an enemy inside. You need to kill him quickly before he kills Priboi. Now follow Priboi until he tells you to check out the warehouses. Equip the Glock 17 and enter the right hand warehouse then kill the enemy inside. Take all the Proximity Mines. Objective 1 is complete.

Exit the warehouse and look to your right, there's a house there. Equip the knife and go to the house. Open the first door, nothing there. But when you open the next door there will be a man standing there and he will immediately see you. You need to kill him quickly 'cos if you don't another guy in the next room will come in and start blasting. Go into the next room and kill this other guy. Continue on to the next room and kill the guard. Leave this house and you'll see a sentry post in front of you. Go to it and push the button.

The gate will be open. Exit this area through the gate and go straight on until you see houses to the left. Approach the houses and go to the highest building on the left but don't enter it yet. Plant two proximity mines beside the tall building (on the previous house's wall). Then go to where Priboi is and equip the M16 A2. By now there will be a truck coming towards you. Wait until the enemies come from behind the truck and kill them with the explosives. Quickly turn back and go straight in the direction of the highest building. There will be another truck so use the explosives once more (If you are late the enemies will enter the house beside the truck, so you must enter the house and kill them). From here there are 2 options to win the mission. Personally I prefer the second option.

1) Go to where Priboi is (the second objective building). Go up to the 3rd floor and take the LAW 80. After you've killed about 3 enemies, Anya will contact you. Use a proximity mine on the stairs to cover your back and exit the building. Equip the M16 A2 and kill all the enemies you can see (about 10-15 guys). Next use the LAW 80 to shoot the tank behind the second objective building. Wait until the helicopter lands on the roof and go up to the roof. Board the chopper to complete the mission.

2) Go to the second objective building but don't ENTER it. You'll see a broken house beside it go there instead and place 2 proximity mines on the wall. Go to the entrance to the second objective building and then back out on the street. Equip the AK47 and kill the 3 enemies. Wait there until Anya contacts you and the enemies appear. Kill them. Look your right and locate the enemies again (at the same place). Kill them to. Swiftly enter the second objective building and go to the third floor to take 2 LAW80's (You should hear the proximity mines explode). Equip the LAW 80 and go back outside then turn left to see a tank. Shoot it with the LAW 80. Wait until the helicopter lands on the roof, then go to the roof and board the chopper to complete the mission.