Border Crossing

Get Jones Across The Border


  1. Infiltrate the border crossing
  2. Alarm mustn't be raised when you get into the truck

Weapon: Knife

Introduction: This is a heavily mined area. Don't walk on the snow where there are signs indicating mines.

Run forward, kill the guy and take the Dragunov. Go to the left and jump over the wall. Use the binoculars and look to the right (the base). There will be about 6 enemies. The 2 enemies on the ground in the leftmost base are patrolling. Watch out for the tank behind you, jump over the wall and the tank won't see you. Let it pass. Now collect the 3 guns from the enemies to the left and go to the building in front of them. When you open the door an enemy will run out. Kill him with your AK47 and take the Spas12.

If you want to take the Hand Grenades you must go to the warehouse behind the building. There's another enemy there, take the Spas12 from him. Go back into the building and take the Dessert Eagle and Dragunov on the second floor. Exit and go to the Medical House. Take the Medipack there. If you want more bullets for the Dragunov, enter the farthest house and get them on the second floor. Go down to the street and carry on up. Equip the Dragunov. You will see 2 guards (look for them with the binoculars), kill them with the Dragunov.

Take their guns and run forward until you see a hole-like hill. Hide there until the helicopter passes over then turn right and run forward until you come to another area. Kill all the enemies here (7guards in total. You can see only 6 with the binoculars but another is in the house. He can be killed now by shooting his hand or later from the street). There's a further guy standing behind the house, kill him with the Uzi. After you take their guns, follow the streets until you see another Medical House. Equip the Spas12 and kill the man inside. Take the Medipack and LAW 80. Exit and follow the street again. There are mines here so watch out. When Anya warns you about the Hind, kill those enemies. Next go to the left (a collapsed house) in the crouched position. Kill the man on the second floor, and destroy the camera. Kill another guy that patrols on the ground. Go to the right a little and you'll see a camera and 2 further enemies. Destroy the camera first then kill the men. Just one thing, I need to make certain that this guide was compiled by Kenny Gunawan. If my name isn't credited at the start, please let me know. Right, back to the guide. Approach the gate and open it, then go to the truck and the mission is complete. However, if the alarm is on it must be turned off prior to going to the truck.



the guide is damn useful..... but one thing, when we approach the 2nd medical room, the alarm gets gets activated and the tank shoots before we come out with the LAW 80 and shoot the tank...
pls help


Please tell me how to dangle the tank it came severe time and attack on me Please help me on tlhis topic.


How to tackle the tank? the security is getting alerted over here!!! tell me how to pass it please!!


dude u just shoot those guys from a mountain......climb the mountain. Beware of the tank which might be behind you. After climbing the mountain u can see all the enemies...even those near the truck...kill 'em all!


I got a much more easier and quick walk through. I rely more on Binoculars and Dragunov in this round. Always run with your binoculars ON.

1. A tank is approaching you from behind. So kill the guard holding the
Dragunov and run towards the wall on the right. Jump over it and crouch. Use binocular from there. You can see two guards standing in the 1st floor of the building. You can take them out in that crouching position itself. By this time, the tank would have passed you (keep you ears open). Then look towards the tank using binocular. You can see two guards on the way of the tank. Take them out too. Now move towards the 2 storied building. Keep right, run with your binocular on. You can see the sniper in the 2-storied building behind this one. Take him out too. Now go inside all the building as quick as you can and collect all the ammo and med pack.
Now run down the street and take the 2 guards guarding the jeep there. Don't stop there to collect ammo - a tank and a helicopter is approaching you. Run down the street as fast as you can till you see a small bump in the road. Hide there and take out the sniper on the tower and the sniper on the building on the left side and other soldiers in the ground and run to the destroyed building on the right. Hide under it till the helicopter passes. Now again go further down the street till you see the checkpost from far. Use Dragunov and take out all soldiers and cameras. Now run towards the gate, unlock the door and move towards the truck. Mission Completed