4 Tips To Kill Enemies

Enemies don't shoot

  • Go project IGI installed folder and find the ai folder under this path: common/ai
  • Backup the folder ai (There will some files like "civlian.qvm" ,"guard.qvm" - enemy names)
  • Copy the file "civlian.qvm"[ctrl + c] and paste it [ctrl + v] in that same folder
  • Rename enemy's files into some other temp file name.
  • Rename the copy of civlian.qvm into name of enemy's files that you just made a temp name with.
  • Start the game and enemies won't be shooting at you (they will run around like civilians).

Third level tip
When you are on third level, first try to shoot guards from a distance where they can't see you. From outside i.e from mountains hit soldiers ones or twice so that they understands that you are their & they come outside, run on mountains or the position where game starts, then they watch over mountains & turn back to go. Then run & kill them from back. You can repeat this process and pick off groups of them one by one.

Easier kills
If you want to kill an enemy but don't want to get trouble, press [space] and find an enemy about 200m or further away from you. Look at his torso and press space again. Take the weapon AK47 and click once (just one shot, not 2 or 3). This should result in a one shot kill.

Shoot through floor
If you find a guard in a tower you can shoot through the floor to kill him, works on barracks too.