God Mode & Unlimited Ammo

As of version 1.1 :

The godmode now makes you immune to electric fences
The M16 wont run out of grenades
I added hotkeys to the cheats because some machines crash when you shell out of IGI Press F11 for unlimited ammo and F12 for godmode.
Version checking is removed because it didn't work under some circumstances. Please keep in mind that trying to use this trainer on any other version of IGI than 1.0 it may crash the game

I was not able to make you cowards immune to those annoying APC's but hey, when you are able to fall 50ft, being shot a few hundred times, hit severely in the face and stand next to an exploding computer without getting as much as a scratch you must surely be able to outrun a mere tank.

This is the LAST version of the trainer. There will be NO more updates whatsoever. If the trainer does not work for you then i am truly sorry but i simply dont have the time to help you out.