Portal Halflife 2 Source Game Free

Only until May 24th 2010, Portal is free to install. Its a clever Source engine portal based game that runs on the Steam platform. You'll want to go to the Steam store and click the install button before May 24th. Even if you let it sit for a few months before having time to play! The game is now available for Mac and PC and has won over 70 awards. The core of the game took me 3.5 hours to finish. Each of the 20 levels is consecutively harder than the next. It also comes with a handful of bonus/advanced maps. And an achievement list within steam that will keep you busy even longer if you didn't get enough. A favorite part for many will be the overhead robot voice that follows you from room to room with its witty instruction and commentary. It promises cake, but that's a lie! Here's a trailer: