Path Of Exile Legion Review: The Best Leauge So Far?

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The new challenge league, Patch 3.7.0Legion League was released on June 7, 2019. It, by far, has one of the longest patch notes we’ve ever seen in all of the patch updates that Path of Exile has had. The Legion update sounded great on paper; it was set to feature new skills, items, added ways to farm up on PoE orbs & PoE currency, as well as a massive overhaul of the melee skills. So, is the Legion league the best league that has graced the Path of Exile community so far? Or does it fall short compared to others like the Delve and Betrayal leagues? Find out in our in-depth review!

What is The Legion?

The Legion league starts out with you encountering a Monolith. These Monoliths are scattered throughout Wraeclast. Once you interact with them, they’ll instantly reveal ghoulish monsters from the Five Legions that were frozen in time. These Five Legions each represent their own faction that’s drawn from the lore of Path of Exile. To make them unique, each legion will have their own enemy types all the while using a whole slew of different tactics. They will also have special modifiers that will affect potential drops.

After interacting with them, you will need to deal damage to these monsters that are in stasis mode until their health drops to zero. From there, you can choose which monsters or rewards you want to activate while the Monolith’s activation timer is still up. When the timer runs out, the monsters will break out of their stasis and proceed to attack you. Defeat these monsters and you will get the drops and loot that you desire.

Five Legions, Five Jewels

You already know by now that there are Five Legions that are the top of their factions, but did you know they drop certain modifiers/jewels? The Legion league also implemented unique jewels per faction. The jewels are called “Historic Jewels” and can have over a hundred or so of unique effects you can use once equipped.

Here are the Five Legions’ jewels that you can farm off of:

Eternal Empire – Elegant Hubris Jewel

Templar – Militant Faith Jewel

Karui– Lethal Pride Jewel

Maraketh– Brutal Restraint Jewel

Vaal – Glorious Vanity Jewel

The intricacy and effects involved per jewel is tied in with the rarity of the jewel itself. For example, the Lethal Pride Jewel of Karui does not change the passives within the radius, while the Glorious Vanity Jewel transforms your passives into entirely new ones. Collecting these jewels is the name of the game here since you’ll need to do some experimentation in order for you to discover the full swing of these jewels—there are thousands of possibilities.

A Fresh Start for Melee Combatants

The melee skills and mechanics have been completely revamped since it’s an aspect that has often been overlooked by players for the past few years. Compared to the fluid mechanics of Ranged and Caster builds, it’s easy to see why melee isn’t exactly players’ first choice. With new skills and combat tactics, though, it should make whacking enemies a lot more satisfying.

Before the update, you could only automatically choose a single target to attack. But now, you’re finally able to hit multiple targets by default. The accuracy rate is no longer capped at 95% as well, making certain attacks that you dish out unavoidable as a result. What’s more, the animation is more seamless than ever before, with movement skills now being instant with added new mobility skills for melee lovers.


The Legion league is definitely one for the books. Grinding Gear Games definitely outdid themselves in this one. With large scale reworks, new monsters to slay, and intricate jewels to further customize gem sockets, Legion is arguably the best league that GGG has ever created.It also has a long list of skill gems, ways to get more PoE currency and PoE orbs, new items like the incubator, and a full gameplay mechanic overhaul! What more could a fan ask for?