Snipers last Stand

1. Locate missing bazooka team
2. Get past the gate and into the rest of the town
3. Proceed to the southern edge of the town

O b j e c t i v e 1:
This level may seem impossible, with snipers hidden so well you seemingly get killed by invisible men. Well, once you know the locations of the snipers, this level is a piece of cheese.

Immediately take out your sniper rifle, and go up to the brick wall. Look around it and take out the sniper in the window in the building across from you. Meet up with your men (whom are quite useless, BTW, so it doesn't matter if they all die). Go to the pillar of the building with dark bricks. Take out the guard by the arches and near the car, then take out the three snipers in the windows facing the building your in. REMEMBER THE BUILDING WHERE THOSE SNIPERS WERE.

Once taken care of go up the steps of the dark building and head to the closet. Walk up to it until you can go no closer. Look straight down and throw a grenade. If done right a sniper will fall dead out of the closet once the grenade detonates. While your up here, go to the corner on the right of the closet and look out at the view. Your getting shot, aren't you? Well the sniper is on a roof across the street, kinda camouflaged.

Head carefree into the street and straight to the end. Go to the steps. You're getting shot again, aren't you? The sniper this time is across the road that leads left into a new area, and upstairs in a building that has no roof. By the car is a 25 health.

Go up to the wall facing the road that enters a new area. From here take out the sniper high above in an attic of a building that gets thinner as it rises, the top being light red. A tree should be paritally obscuring your view of him. Now move on to the corner of the building in front and right of you. Peer around it and take out the sniper up in the window above the fire. There are a few snipers in the building up the steps BTW, which is a possible location for the bazooka team. If they're there, take their stuff and leave. If they're not there, then go back to the place where I told you to remember and into the building. Go upstairs and you'll find the dead team. Either way objective complete.

O b j e c t i v e s 2/3:
Now go to the locked gate and blow it open with your bazooka. Go through the gate and turn left.

Part 2

1. Find tank crew
2. Defeat Panzer tank
3. Keep crew alive/enter city hall
4. Steal king tiger

O b j e c t i v e 1:
Note: Keep your medic alive at all costs. He will give you a 50 health each time your hit. He's a lifesaver.
Once the fadeout returns go into the door on your left. Meet up with your allies and pick up the panzerschrek ammo.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
Peer out the window and destroy the tank with 4 shots from the panzerschrek. You must destroy it before it stops other wise it will blow up where your standing and kill the tank crew.

O b j e c t i v e s 3/4:
Wait for the planes to drop some bombs near the destroyed tank then continue. Shoot out the guards that will come out of the building in front of the destroyed panzer. Enter the building and clear it out, to kill a lot of would-have-been-snipers. Once out turn the corner and look up at the exposed building. A sniper should be shooting at you, so return the favor. Take out any and all snipers until you reach a place in the road that will go straight then make a left turn at the end. In a dark brick building will be several snipers looking out their windows. Go into the building and dispose of the disciples of Hitler.

Make the left turn, minding the two snipers on the roof of a small building. Continue on, taking out all the snipers (oh this level is so repetitious [not to mention my adjectives]), to two buildings connected by a small bridge. Go up the steps of the first building, taking out enemies, and cross the bridge and enter into the tenement. Kill another would-be sniper then go back to ground level. Make the turn righ, taking out all snipers. Once you reach the entrance of the city hall (watch the snipers on a balcony at your left), throw an grenade into the entrance. After which a few guards will come out. Clear the building and go out the right hand bottom floor door. Go out into the nice countryside with that King Tiger Tank and kill the soldiers guarding it. That ends one long and tedious level. Next level you actually get to BE and drive the tank, so that makes up for this seemingly endless game of finding and killing snipers.