The Schmerzen Express

1. Locate and enter train station
2. Cut power to electric fences
3. Send radio communication

O b j e c t i v e 1:
Take the 25 health and make sure your Stg is reloaded. Take the first path(NOT THE ONE TO THE RIGHT) until you come to a three way intersection, and take the one of which leads back to the city. From the cover of a large rock, snipe the dog near the entrance then get behind the rock completely. Wait until the guards obediently come for you to kill.

Take the path straight in front of the city entrance. Half way past a dog will come and try and bite your ***** off = OHurry and kill it. Snipe the two guards on the bridge and go past it. Make sure to take their ammo. Past the bridge head straight, ignoring all other paths, killing all those freakish dogs along the way, until you come to the entrance of what looks like another city. Enter and turn the corner. A dog will now come out and again try and bite you. Kill it, and then the soldier that will follow. Go down the winding road until you reach the end. Take the health and go onto the train tracks (not ON them you dimwit). Note the train wizing by. Now just follow the tracks, taking out all the dogs in front of you. After a long walk you come to the train station.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
Take out everyone up high on the bridge. Go on the left side of the tracks. A dog will come for you soon, so be wary. Eventually you'll come to a storage yard with lots of lookout towers, with germans using mg42's as protection. To take them out as efficiently as possible, get behind the crates (facing the gate) that somewhat divide the terrirotry patrolled by the two towers. Throw up a grenade into the lookout tower. Then run back to the one behind it and do the same, though once you throw the grenade make sure you run for cover because the search light of the tower near the house will center on YOU. Take out the last guard in the tower with your sniper rifle. Once taken care of go to the second yard. Take out the watch towers and go into the third and final yard. Take the towers all out and go to the house behind the gate. Kill everyone there and shoot out the electric box inside.

O b j e c t i v e 3:
Once you do so, go all the way back to the first yard with the now unlocked house. Go inside it. Run forward a bit, feint towards the steps, and run back to the doorway because the ferocious creature known to man only as dog will attack. Feint to the steps several more times to draw out sentries. When the feinting stops working go to the next room. In there, watch for grenades from above and turn right at first opportunity. Kill the two sentries and go into the hall. In the third room in this hall is a set of stairs. Head up. Clear out the whole second floor, then find the radio. Its in one of the rooms, just look around. Press use once there.