Sabotaging the Motorpool

1. Disable all trucks
2. Disable all tanks
2. Get a ride heading out

O b j e c t i v e 1:
Walk up (usually left alt) to the corner and take out the patrolling guard. In the brief distance, a mechanic is carrying a box hurriedly across the street, leaving himself defenseless. Put him to rest from a distance and enter the warehouse.

There is another mechanic in here armed with a pistol. Take him out, and cut the wires for both trucks. Move out through the other end. There is another patrolman out here. Pick him off with the M1 Garand. Through the door that leads into another warehouse, a mechanic sometimes comes out firing. If he does, well...sully on him. Either way enter the warehouse. Again, cut the wires for both trucks.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
Exit the warehouse to reach a large road monitored closely by a lookout tower. DON'T GET ITS ATTENTION. A tank should now be pulling out from one of the open garages. Once the tank stops, a mechanic will pop out.

Move forward to the first of the garages. A tank is the current occupation. Plant an explosive on the back of it and leave. The following shacks contain nothing, so ignore them. When you reach the last garage, you will see a patrolling guard a short ways past some crates. Pick him off. Now, avoiding the searchlight, run to the cover of the crates. Once there lean a little ways past them so you can just make out the gunner up on the search tower. Disable him.

Now go to the tank from which you picked off the mechanic. Put another explosive on the back, then gain entry to the next warehouse. This place isn't heavily guarded, just 2 mechanics. Take them both out, one of them idiots carrying a crate. Plant the explosives where marked, pick up some grenades/health if you need it and go.

You'll come to a large auto park with two lookout towers and three guards, one being a mechanic, and the last two tanks. Kill the guards out, then take out the lookout towers using the shed with the tank in it as cover. Plant the bombs on the two tanks.

O b j e c t i v e 3:
THIS IS IMPORTANT! Once you planted the bombs, hurry and crouch below the raised patio of the house across from the motor pool. If you don't seven guards from both the house and shack you entered will come out firing. Now, stopping them from coming out is impossible, but this action delays them because they can't see you. You can get a much better advantage with this plan. Now, keep crouching to the corner of the raised patio. Then, take out a stielhandgrenate. Stand up and walk forward a bit. The guards will now come out(from the house only, if you did it right). They usually come by the bunch, so use a stielhangrenate to blow them all up.

Watch your back because several guards will come out firing from where you entered the motor pool. Now at least you won't be caught in crossfire! Take them out then enter the house. There is one guard in the room to your left. In there is some health. If you don't need it, turn right and go down the hall, but don't turn the left corner yet. There are 4-5 nazis armed with sniper rifles and MP40's in the room this hall leads to. So peer around the corner, take out a grenade, and toss it into the wall of the room described to make it rebound near the table. Right after its detonated rush into the confusion and take out any left standing.

Pass the ringing phones and open the door. While standing in the doorway pick off the sniper in the search tower, and the guard in front of you past the metal gate. There is a mechanic and another nazi to the right, just so you know. And don't let them shoot at you near the doorway, there's an explosive barrel right next to it. Once those germans are finished off, a truck will drive up. Walk up to it and your off to seriously mess up an enemy airport!