The Rescue Mission

Objectives :
1. Release/follow the captured OSS agent
2. Obtain papers(the OSS agent will do that for you)
3. Pick up the explosives
4. Destroy the flak88's
5. Escape

O b j e c t i v e 1:
When you start off, head straight for the gate. DO NOT FIRE: wait for the truck to leave. You'll find the main gate locked, so enter through the gate at right (tough puzzle, no?). Grab the 25 health if you must, and exit from the second gate on the right.

There is a sniper up on a ledge a ways in front of you, take him out with the Garand. Go on forward and turn left and you will see an open door. That's the building where your OSS agent is in. There are 4 guards in the first room, so before you rush in, toss a grenade through the door, and stand back with your MP40 in hand, and pick off any that try and escape. Those that you don't kill the grenade will take care of. This is a big health saver.

Go through the door, pick up the ammo/health, and go up the stairs. There's 2-3 guards up here, so be warned. Once that's taken care of, unlock the bolted door to let the OSS agent out.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
Back into the street, (the OSS agent will follow wherever you go) advance towards the point where you picked off the sniper. There is a gate at your right. Before you enter, pick off any guards you can from a distance and penetrate the market-like area. The OSS agent will lead you (once all the guards are dead) to a room with a 50 health in it. Pick it up if you need, and go back out to the right to a locked gate. Your friend will unlock it for you.

After some going through some halls and corridors, you'll find yourself at a large outside area, with guards on a roof of a base, scanning the flatland with search lights. The object: not to be seen, so stick to your friend like glue. He will lead you through the search lights. And, like he said, DON'T shoot at them. Once he gets you across and into the base, follow him right through a small corridor. At the end there is a guard straight in front of you. Take him out. Proceed and keep following the OSS agent until he leads you to the papers.

O b j e c t i v e 3:
After he picks up the papers, one or two soldiers will come out and object. Kill him/them and move on up the stairs as he does. Grab the health, then return down and wait for him to be done with whatever it is he does. Then, go downstairs. Throw a grenade at the men at the table and take cover. Shoot those that stand, and make your way to the back room. You can now pick up the explosives. Do so pressing the 'use' key.

O b j e c t i v e 4:
Travel back up the stairs, and go back to the area where you made it through the search lights. Stick to him like glue again to the barrier your supposed to blow up. Plant the explosives and back up. Enter the newly opened way.

After a few steps forward STOP, take out your grenade(use the allied version; the stielhandgrante's too unpredictable on the bounce), and throw it near the door on the side of the building ahead of you. Run up to the closed door, then abruptly run back. If you did it correctly, then the door would have opened and the grenade detonated nearly simultaneously, getting rid of the nuisances that would have came out to bother you. Follow the OSS agent to the big hole in a once-was building in the distance. That's where your next objective is. There are 4-6 guards in the there, most being behind the walls to the right and left of you. Take them out, and plant the explosives on the flaks.

O b j e c t i v e 5:
Return to the place where you strategically threw a grenade and turn left. There is the gate where you exit level 2.