Rendezvous with the Resistance

1. Locate downed G3 pilot
2. Escort pilot to hideout

O b j e c t i v e 1:
Right off, get behind the first tree you spot, look carefully around it, and shoot the two guards in the distance. Go straight to the corner and turn left to find the pilot being guarded by three officers. Shoot them all, freeing the pilot.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
He'll grab and mp40 to help you out. Go down the path up till you see a house to your right. There's a sniper in the distance and a patrol guard near the house, so be careful. Go into the house and pick up the canteen (25 health) . Around the back of the house is the wine cellar, which contains a 50 and 25 health and some ammo if you want it. Otherwise keep going straight down the road until you reach a sentry behind the cover of sandbags. Take him out, then trek down the path to the left. At the second corner, take out some troublesome guards. Another band of nazis lies ahead, use a grenade to scatter 'em and quickly dispose them.

At the end of the road you'll come to a base-like area with a guard high up on a hill. Take him out, minding the enemy in the bush. Go to the right hand log wall, peer around the corner, and then throw a grenade behind the log wall in front of you (this will take out to two behind it). To your right and in the distance behind another log made wall there are two sharp shooters, who are hella hard to see, since they only come up from their cover when they want to shoot. Take them out when they come up. Once everyone is dead, the game will save. Man the Mg42 on the hill facing the road from wich you entered and wait. Soon a truck full of reinforcements will appear. Kill all who are riding on the back, then shoot out the engine for kicks.

Next go into the church, kill everyone in it (boy are parents gonna scream when they see you do that = ]) then advance to center to what looks like a coffin. Press 'use' to open it and go into Manon's hideaway. Go to the end of the tunnel to meet up with Manon.



Thanks, was wondering what to do after I killed everyone in the church.