The Nebelwerfer Hunt

1. Find and destroy the 4 Nebelwerfers

O b j e c t i v e 1:
This is one of the longer levels, and will require large amounts of patience (and stamina) to stay alive. With that said, move forward and grab the panzerschrek and ammo. Come out of the bunker to face 3 nazis behind the destroyed flak 88. Kill them and continue on until you reach a clearing with a destroyed tank and a half- track in the distance. Using the tank as cover, destroy the half track with two direct hits from the panzerschrek. After its destroyed you will be met by several allies who were hiding in the nearby trenches, while you did all the work. Pffffffft. Cowards.

After their short talk go straight on the road the half-tack was on. When you encounter a corner and a sniper shooting at you behind a rock, throw a grenade in his vicinity. It should take care of several pests in the nearby area.

Proceed down the road, and you'll come to see a car at the opening to a city. Its driver is right next to it, so be sure to take him out. Hurry and get behind the car and crouch. Your allies will do most of the work from the mass amount of guards to your left, right, and practically all around, but make sure you take out the Mg42 gunner in the distance. Once they killed everyone go to the place where you killed the gunner. Take the 50 health, and peer around the corner of the exit to take out a certain sniper awaiting in ambush, on the upper floor of a building ahead of you. Go down the street, noting that there are many health's in these buildings. March on, and when you see another gunner in the distance (why is it always so foggy here in Europe?) take him out, knowing when you move towards it 6-7 guards will appear.

Try to keep your allies alive by fighting alongside them, as they will prove useful later. Take cover behind the nearly demolished building on the left side of the street, picking off what you can. Once that's over (remember there are many health's in the buildings) continue on to a car parked on the side of the street. Don't pass it. Take out your sniper rifle, zoom while walking down the dirt street (remeber to not pass the car yet), and you should see yet another gunner, this time protecting a barricade that is meant to keep you in. Now head to the right side of the car and crouch near the passenger door, and let the two in the house come to you. Hold up, your not in the clear yet. There is a gunner inside the house, just waiting for you to come into view. Toss in a grenade and he should be killed.

Enter the house and pick up the health near the Mg. On the right side of the street, go into the building farthest down. In there, take out your panzerschrek and go to the back of it. Peer through the window and you'll hear the sounds of a tank. This bucket of bolts will take 5 blows from the panzerschrek, and you can't exactly stand in front of it while firing. The tank will blow a whole in the wall right when it comes to a stop, but that's the only spot it will fire at. So immediately after it shoots the wall down, while its reloading, fire a panzerschrek off and take cover, for the tank will fire again but you should be well clear. Again, right when the initial explosion is over, and while its reloading, fire. Use this strategy to destroy it.

Once you finished off the tank, move to the left side of the house to a useable MG42. Use it to kill the 4 guards across from you. Then get out of the house to the area where the demolished tank is. There are some health's in the building with the hole in it, but don't get them yet. Instead, go to the right side of the building and peer around to corner and take out all you see. Then, run to the tree to use as cover. Take out the enemy sniper in one of the once-were shops and apartments on the far left side of the street, across from this tree. Then rush into the building with the wooden floor. Move behind support pillar. There should now be some sentries appearing behind the car and the building up ahead. Take 'em all, then !WALK! up the steps of this building and take out the two upper floor, then just wait there a moment. 6 guards will appear out of the shops/apartments and come up the steps. Take them as they come with the BAR. Then, go to the window with the MG42. Show yourself to those below then quickly return to steps. Wait for the guys to come again and take 'em all. Do this a few more times until none appear. Grab the 100 health on the desk (don't you tell me you don't need it) and go downstairs to the street. Note again there is some health in these buildings.

In one of the last houses, there will be an access to a backyard which leads to a cemetary. This will get you around the barbed wire at the end of the street. Once in the cemetery run and take cover behind one of the gravestones. Use it to kill the guards manning the big guns. Once they're all dead, RUN AND DON'T STOP to the left side of the church. On your way a german will man an MG42 in front of you. To avoid this, simply keep running. A guard might appear, take him out. Enter though the back and shoot anyone in your way, hauling ass to get to the small closet like room with only one way in. Once there, let all the guys come to you. SIGH! You got through that SO much easier then you thought.

After all are dead in the church, go out the back way to the road the barbed wire blocked. Its not over yet. You'll soon come to an open field with sparse trees and vegetation. Now, a lot of FAQs say to take the trench to your right and get into the bunker. If you do that you'll get bombed back to the Stone Age, and as to how they managed it I'm currently at a loss to say. So instead, RUN along the left side of the hedge until you come to a tree to your right. Hurry, you only have a few seconds before the Nebelwerfers realize you position. Peer around it to take out the MG42 gunner in the bunker the RUN to the cover of the white mini wall (get the to the side in which faces against the trench but does faces a dormant nebelwerfer in front of you) and crouch for cover. A few pigs ;] will now come to your attention in the short distance near the nebelwerfer you face, so take them out. Next, turn around (while crouching!) and crawl toward the blast pit behind you. There are two nazis to be taken care of, which otherwise would have shot you in the back. Now run to the tree and nebelwerfer. Plant a bomb on it (on the nebelwerfer, not the tree =) then get away. Go into the bunker and pick up the health, then snipe all the guards that are manning the MG42's from the bunkers entrance.

Now go back to the blast pit and to another wall in the distance. You won't need to crouch with this tall one. Peer around it because more gunners appeared in place of the dead. Take them out, then RUN towards the bunker in the distance and hop into the maze like trenches. Take out the few that will come, then just clear out all the rest of the bunker. Once you killed them all, plant the explosives on the remaining Nebelwerfers and the mission will come to a close. Congrat's on one long and hard level.