Guide: Objectives :
1. Infiltrate the city
2. Check the door
3. Man the MG42
4. Exit

O b j e c t i v e 1:
When the game first loads, your commander will be talking to you about the mission. Listen to him ramble on for a while, awaiting your ride to inevitably go bad. After all the trucks stop, a German officer will come up to the driver in the truck behind you. The officer will blow your cover, making your presence alerted to the entire city. Watch then as the Opel gets blown on its side by a panzerschrek grenade. Time to go to work. Hop out and face the surprised Germans.

Kill the guy with the panzershcrek on the roof, turn left and shoot anyone in front of you on the path to the city. When you see the city entrance, there will be two germans firing behind the cover of explosive barrels (after seeing that stunt, I no longer wonder why the nazis lost the war ;) Shoot the barrels and watch with pleasure. Enter the city.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
Once in, keep up the soldiers, as they like to hurry this part up, and help them out; you don't want them dead yet. After a few fire fights you'll come to an open area where one of your allies will ask you to check the door. Do so by attempting to open it with the 'use' key.

O b j e c t i v e 3:
Immediately after you find out that its un-openable, take cover because its a trap. There are whole lot of nazis on the roof above you, and one operating a MG42 in the window on the building in front of you. Take the gunner out first, but don't bother to toss any grenades on the roof, for the enemies are endless right now.

Time to man the Mg42. Do this by going to the black screen door of the building where you shot the gunner. Make your way up the stairs to the top, man the gun by pressing the use key, and clear the way.

O b j e c t i v e 4:
Once all the guards on the roof are dead, descend back down to the door you were told to check, its now unlocked. Once you open it, two or three sentries are going to come out. Finish them of with your MP40. Enter, head through the gate, and mission 1 level 1 will come to a close.