Grounding the Air Field

1. Make it to the air-base alive

O b j e c t i v e 1:
You'll be manning a .30 cal mounted machine gun in this mission. Unless your trying for accuracy or something, don't let go of the fire button through the whole level. You won't be able to drive, so just shoot along at anything in your way where your driver takes you.

Shoot the first three guys you encounter. Your driver will shortly inform you of a 'detour'. Kill from a distance the man on the roof with the bazooka as you come closer (you should be seeing white trails of smoke whiz past your head), and anyone else on the roof for that matter. Shortly you'll encounter a barrier. Blast it away fast and the shoot all explosive barrels in the distance.

Now you'll come to a short calm if you got all the germans behind you. Right after, a few guards will climb over a wall while an officer in front of you will fire his MP40 at you. Kill the foot soldiers climbing over the wall first, then let your driver run over the fool in front of you.

You should be seeing more white streaks of smoke whiz past you now(or hit you). Use the smoke to find/kill him. A few guards will now come out of a house to your right.

After you pass the house, a wall will be in front of you. From a distance, take out the guard that's taking cover behind it, then swing your gun right to take out the guard that's hiding behind the corner/to your right. The level will now come to a close, giving you 100 health (thank merciful EA).

Part 2

1. Shoot out all the planes.

O b j e c t i v e 1:
Without hesitation, turn the gun around, as a truck full of soldiers are ready to create many holes in your mortal body. Take them out, and any enemies that you approach coming up to where your driver turns into a motor pool. Lotsa guards are here, so shoot all the red barrels, as he tells you, to take them all out. There's a german with a bazooka on the roof BTW. Take everyone you see out upon turning a corner, and you'll see a lot of olde tyme planes. Well not that old but almost. Each plane takes about 30 shots to disable it, but you'll know when that happens. Take out every plane you see ASAP, because the longer you take, the more planes take off. You may encounter a situation where a plane is taking off, shoot it or not, depending on how many you've let by. After you ground the planes for good Objective 1 will be complete and just stay alive until the mission ends.