Die Sturmgewehr

1. Infiltrate base
2. Steal blueprints for the stg44
3. Steal an stg44
4. Destroy weapons cache
5. Exfiltrate base

O b j e c t i v e 1:
Move forward until you see a sentry pacing back and forth. Shoot him with your silencer. DO NOT SHOOT THE GUARD IN THE LOOKOUT TOWER! If you do the MG42 gunner in the distance will see your position and shell you back to your maker. Instead just avoid the searchlight and slip into the base right under the nose of the oblivious nazis.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
Turn right at the alarm switch, go into the office like room, and take out the officer to steal his uniform. Though you wear the uniform, for some reason the guards still recognize you as an enemy, so don't holster your weapon yet. Go straight past the alarm and turn the right corner. Take out the guard (who's wearing heavy winter clothes indoors...haha sux for him he must be broiling) and turn right where he was. In the room past the stairs is the id. Pick it up and now you can holster your gun. Go down the stairs, and show your ID to the guard. Turn right past the alarm and go down the hall, and head into the room at the end and to right. Quickly press Q to upholster your gun and shoot the guard, then take his ID from the table. Now, advance down the hall and show off your brand new shiny Id to the guard near the MG42 emplacement(why would they have an Mg42 indoors...?). Remember that spot for later.

Go straight into the new area and into the large hall. At the end there is a pair of doors to the right. Go through them. Shoot the lone engineer and pick up the blueprints.

O b j e c t i v e 3:
Go back to the hall and make your way to the end. Near the alarm, ascend the stairs. Now, quickly upholster your silenced pistol and shoot the officer talking to the scientist. If you shot the right place, it would have went through them both and killed them instantly. They would have been a real pest for the next objective. Go into the double doors and pick up the stg44 and its ammo.

O b j e c t i v e 3:
Now place an explosive charge where marked and quickly exit the room.

O b j e c t i v e 4:
Once out of the storage area TURN OFF THE BLOODY ALARM! Otherwise you'll be facing limitless, blood thristy enemies. Someone may turn it back on, so keep turning it off until it stops completely. This way only three to four will come instead of countless hundreds. So kill the few that come, then make your way back to the room just before the MG42 watched hall. In the room on the right, previously locked, is a 100 health and some ammo/grenades. After you pick up the supplies open the door that leads to the MG42. Bounce a grenade off the wall to where the MG42 is. That will take care of him. Go out the hall(there are no further guards to encounter until you reach the outside) and make your way back to the entrance. Go out the now open gate and take out the guard towers.

Go past the barrels and crates, but when you get to the last crate in the yard stop. Look around them to find that there are three snipers in the bunker in front of you. Take them out and continue on past the building. There are three guards in this area, and one guard tower. The guard tower may seem inactive because there's no searchlight going, but don't let that fool you. There still is a guard up there. Once you took care all of that go to the end of the last building and go around the corner. Kill the enemies manning the mg42's and go out the gate. Here you'll encounter about 6 guards, so use the tree's as cover. At the end of the path the level will fade out.