The Communications Blackout

1. Plant bombs on radio stations/antenna's
2. Exit

O b j e c t i v e 1:
Here we will have to avoid detection, as alarms are everywhere. If you set one off, either turn it off very quickly or kill yourself to start over.

Snipe the foe in the distance. Take out your StG44 and kill the officer most likely running for the alarm. Now enter the city. WALK up on the sidewalk on the left side of the street. At the corner is a guard and through a window on your right an officer will try and set off an alarm. Kill them both, then kill the roving sentry in the middle of the street around the left corner. Now facing forward, you should see two sentries pacing back and forth.


If you do, one of them, or someone who's sees the killing, will run for an alarm immediately, and your too far away to intercept any such kind of plan. Pick up the 25 health in the room with the dead officer and alarm and move out. Halfway through the street is an alternate route and somewhat an alleyway. Take it. When you reach a bridge connecting two buildings kill the sniper on it. Shortly after, a sentry will cry out in alarm and rush for an alarm, so take him out fast. Now before you go back onto the main street, there is a sniper that needs to be taken care directly to your left and above you in a balcony of a building. Kill the few roving sentries in the area and continue towards the bridge. Take out the sniper on the balcony and the mg42 emplacement in the distance. Neither will see you unless you fire and miss. Go to where the mg42 gunner was and proceed up the steps of the bridge. About halfway the steps up start _walking_. Take out your silenced gun and kill the officer just beyond the brick wall. Once he sees you he'll run for another alarm, so dispose of him quickly. Get close to the brick wall, as several sentries will now throw grenades into your vicinity. Take them all out with your powerful ally StG. Now, even though this will be out of your way, go right on the street instead of left, and clear out the entire section of this town. Now why did you that? Because at the end of the level, your going to be making a dash through that very area, and it won't help to have all those guards there.

Now on your normal route, follow the main road going left. Around another corner your objective will be in sight. Kill the people in the guard towers, then kill your adversary near the alarmhouse. You will probably be shot once you do so, and an alarm WILL go off, so make a dash for the alarm house. Turn the siren off then snipe off the men in the alarm house across the plain of snow. Once everyone's taken care off, move into/clear out one of the radio houses, pick up the health, then plant the bombs. Do the same thing to the other, then go out in back of them a plant bombs on the antenna's. Once they detonate an unstoppable alarm will be triggered.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
Endless guards now face you, so make sure your StG44 is ready. Your going to run and get to the building where you went out of your way to clear out. Though some guards will still be there, not nearly as much as before. Run and shoot at the same time, making your way towards your objective, and when you get to the building get upstairs and hop out the window.