The Command Post

1. Infiltrate perimeter
2. Send false communique
3. Steal troop manifest
4. Steal battle plans
5. Gather intel on new Tiger tanks
6. Escape

[any order these objectives can be completed, except for objective 6]

O b j e c t i v e 1:
This level is THE most TEDIOUS in the game. You have to make your way into the manor fighting off several hundred enemies while trying not to let them set off alarms in which case guards are infinite and then you have to escape being chased by infinite guards and a few dogs and several snipers and an MG42 gunner. WHEW!

Get off the truck and into the barn and grab much needed health[s]. Go out the other side and snipe the guy by the guard house, the patrolling guard, then the two manning the MG42, _in_ _that_ _order_. Once done go to the alarm house and take out any remaining guards by the gate with your sniper rifle.

Its easy going until you reach the perimeter. Just stay on and follow the path, and make sure not to let any guards live. Enter the gate which leads to the perimeter.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
Snipe off the guys by the tanks then enter the first house(the one with the fire in the fireplace).


Later on you may notice that when I describe "Objective X" and tell you how to complete it, the objective may not be as it is in the game. For example, I may start to describe Objective 3 when in actuality its Objective 5. Sorry, but this level is really long and annoying I can't remember the names exactly. It doesn't really matter, since you'll get your objectives done anyways, but I thought you should know so you won't think I was drinking when I did this part of the FAQ...

Go up the stairs, clear the rooms until you come to a radio. Press 'use'.

O b j e c t i v e 3:
Now go back downstairs into the room on the left of the door. There is another door in here, so enter and descend the steps. Clear the basement, and take the plans.

O b j e c t i v e 4:
Next go out of this section of the mansion and into the next. Clear out all guards until you come to a room with many bookcases. Go up the steps and into the double doors upstairs. Clear the room, get upstairs to the third floor, and take the plans.

O b j e c t i v e 5:
In the last part of the mansion(the section on the far left) objective 5 can be found upstairs and to the left, through a dinning room and a door in there.

O b j e c t i v e 6:
Go to the gate in the perimeter, making sure you have a fully loaded MP40. Take out your KAR and snipe the guard manning the MG42. Take out your MP40 and make a run for your life. Your goal is to get to the end of the shrubbery and across a bridge to Manon's awaiting jeep. You have to run all the way once you pass through the gate because, as I said before, enemies unlimited will appear behind you. So make your way through the shrubbery, shooting who you can, and remembering to kill the deadly dogs first and foremost. Once at the bridge just run up and into Manon's jeep.