The Bridge

1. Sneak in and find high vantage point overlooking the bridge
2. Snipe the Germans trying for the detonator
3. Use vantage point to radio airstrikes
4. Destroy opposing King Tiger

O b j e c t i v e 1:
In this level, stealth is the most important aspect. This isn't a shoot 'em up level at all. If one guard sees you at the wrong time, he'll ignore you and make for the bridge detonator. So, everyone you see must be killed, and chase after those that don't turn and fight.

Near the tank, take out your sniper rifle. Look ahead to the corner street and kill the sentry who can't see you. Now RUN past the alleyway to the corner, hoping that the snitches didn't see you. Take out the sniper on the walkway up above near the houses, then those that are in the street. Next go to the corner with a FULLY LOADED Springfield and turn it. Shoot all that comes. Make sure you shoot the officer in the dark coat first, as he is the quickest to react. Next go to the next corner where you took your enemies out and peer around it just enough so you can see a doorway. Shoot the german unlucky enough to be in your sights, and move a little more until you see another guard. This area of the town is totally clear. Go into the building in front of you and on the left side of street. Climb the stairs and up the ladder.

O b j e c t i v e 2:
Now you have to make sure none of the germans make it to the detonator alive. Use the sniper rifle, reloading only when your clip runs out.

O b j e c t i v e s 3/4:
Time to radio in attacks like you did on the flak 88 at the 'Battle in the Bocage'. Do so until your ally in the tank says "Its to late Powell! Get outta there now!". When he says that, GET DOWN AND OUT OF THE SECOND AND THRID FLOORS IMMMEDIATLY! An opposing tank will blow it up in about 5 seconds after your friend gives you the warning. Get down to the street(there is a 100 health in the bottom floor room) and cross it to the next house. Kill all the guards then move up the stairs. Continue radio in the attacks through the window until you get a mission complete message. Your tanks health should be pretty low, so be quick here. A fellow but hostile tiger tank will now pull up, firing at will. It will take 2 airstrikes to turn this thing to dust. Once done the mission will fade away.