Battle in the Bocage

1. Enter and secure the mansion
2. Defend the rear of house
3. Defend front
4. Find radio
5. Radio attack on the flak 88
6. Destroy anti-aircraft guns
7. Radio attack on flak 88
8. Exit through bunker

O b j e c t i v e s 1/2:
This a really long tough mission, but it won't be as hard if you follow my strategy. When you start enter the house and kill all enemies, upstairs and down. And SAVE THE MEDICAL PACKS. These will really be important later on. Once you cleared out the nazi infested house, you will be notified of an oncoming attack from the back of the manor. Get to a window and snipe them all out. Don't really worry about those that get by, your friends will help with those. Once you killed all of the on-comers objectives 1 and 2 are complete.

O b j e c t i v e 3:
You'll now be informed of an impending siege on the front of the house. Grab a couple 50 health packs and go downstairs to the MG42 emplacement. The attackers will be coming from both the left and right side of the road, usually three at a time simultaneously. Ok now, if you plan to stay alive using the MG42, ONLY FIRE WHEN THE GERMANS ARE ON THE BRIDGE! DON'T FIRE WHEN THEY'RE STILL ON THE ROADS! If you shoot them while they're still on the roads, they WILL fire back and believe me, those dudes firing at you from both roads is suicide, especially because they are on the run and your a sitting duck. They also have remarkable accuracy. Once they are on the bridge and aligned, then fire because they will be concentrating on getting to the mansion, not taking you out. After you kill all 20 or so nazis the objective is complete.

O b j e c t i v e 4:
Now exit the mannor and proceed onto the road to the right. The first tree you spot get behind it to take out the sniper behind the bolder near the destroyed tank. Next, throw a grenade or two behind the tank. Throw a few more at the next tanker, as a lot of guards will be there. Soon you'll come to an intersection. Move straight and when you hear a thumping sound and see smoke accompanied by explosion, you'll realize you need to call an air strike on the flak 88. Backtrack to the intersection and turn left.

Daw de daw da da...your just a humbling traveler with a Tommy gun in your arms...Eventually you'll come to a plot of land with a country style house and stable. Sorry, no horsy rides today, kiddies = [ Head to the shrub like wall on the right to pick off two guards in the stable, and another manning an MG42. Go into the stables, and there you'll find a s!!! load of health and ammo. Use it wisely...

Go out the stables from the opposite end. There are two snipers behind a rock, and one behind the silo. Once you took care of them get the radio from the dead guy in the middle of the field.

O b j e c t i v e 5:
Once you get it, IMMEDIATELY run for cover behind the wall. 10-15 hostile's have just appeared, and you now have two options:

For those with 90+ health, race back to the stable to man the MG42. I said 90+ because there will be heavy fire at first concentrating on your position.

For those with 80- health, stay behind the wall, throwing a few grenades and sniping a few off, but otherwise letting your allies do the dirty work.

Once you killed all hostile's, go back to the flak 88. Take out your binoculars, look at the flak 88 and press the fire button. If you did it right you should hear the commander of the 81st Air Borne Division radio "Roger. Target acquired". It will take a few seconds for the flak to be blown up.

O b j e c t i v e 6:
Go up to the destroyed flak (don't you just wonder who was operating it? Such detail =|) and turn about 90 degrees left. Go through the open gates and take out your sniper rifle. Shoot the german [manning the MG42] from the trench and let your allies take out the other two. Go behind the bunker in which the MG42 gunner was killed and plant a bomb on the anti aircraft gun. Once planted dive into the bunker to avoid the blast and man the MG42.

O b j e c t i v e 7:
Around 10 hostile's have spawned (boy that doesn't sound right =P ) in the distance. Take them all out with your friendly MG42. Once back at the trench, turn around the corner which leads to the gate, and you'll find in the middle of the road are two demomen, a sniper, and an officer that pulled at no show at your Mg fest. Throw a grenade and take the rest out. Now double back, past the gates, find the other flak 88, and radio an attack on it.

O b j e c t i v e 8:
Continue past the destroyed '88 until you reach a bunker. Take out the only two germans in it and get into it.