Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Breakthrough
Single Player FAQ/Walkthrough
version 1.0 by Matthew Brown
Last Updated: 01/10/2004 WARNING: This walkthrough is full of spoilers. So, if you don't want the game to be spoiled,
don't read this walkthrough!

Mission 1: Kasserine Pass
Location: Tunisia
Date: February 20, 1943

The battle of Kasserine Pass began as a tremendous setback to the U.S. forces, and now Rommel's German forces have occupied the pass and dug in. To win the battle and regain face for the U.S., you'll have to push them back one machine-gun nest at a time. And don't be surprised if you find a few present left behind for you - the Germans have discovered that the desert sand is a perfect place to hide land mines.

Mission 2: Bizerte
Location: Bizerte, Tunisia
Date: April 20, 1943

Bizerte is a port town, occupied by Axis forces and riddled with canals, which may be your best bet for getting around undetected. In the port is a German supply boat that contains some classified documents. Your job is to infiltrate the boat, seize the papers, and then blow the boat sky-high. There's just one problem - the boat is half capsized and turned on its side. Hope you have a good sense of balance.

Mission 3: Sicily
Location: Sicily, Italy
Date: July 10, 1943

The night of the Sicily invasion brought disastrous conditions for landing troop-transporting gliders, and many planes came to rest in trees or in the ocean. When your glider sustains damage from anti-aircraft fire and misses the landing zone, you'll have to survive heavy enemy fire and keep your wits about you to locate your unit.

Mission 4: Monte Cassino
Location: Monte Cassino, Italy
Date: January 12, 1944

The enemy-occupied city of Cassino lies in the shadow of foreboding Monte Cassino, beneath countless well-camouflaged German guns. Yet someone must go in to save stranded Allied soldiers, and that someone is you.

Mission 5: Anzio
Location: Anzio, Italy
Date: April 14, 1944

By the time you reach Anzio you've become accustomed to enemy shelling, but this time the Axis have brought in massive guns that pose an extraordinary threat. If they are not taken out, the entire beachhead will be destroyed - along with the Allied landing force.

Mission 6: Monte Battaglia
Location: Monte Battaglia, Italy
Date: September 28, 1944

You'll need all of your resources to defend this mountaintop from numerous Axis counterattacks. And don't look for help from the rear, because this time you may have moved too far too fast.