Operation Husky

Mission 3C: Gela
Gela - Firefight
Gela - Regroup with the 82nd Airborne
Gela - Tank Assault

Mission 3C: Gela
July 10, 1943

Objectives - Gela
Rendezvous with 82nd Airborne
Assist 82nd Airborne
Secure the Village
Repel the Tank Attack

Gela - Firefight

Get out of the jeep and run into the house. Grab the bazooka and heavy rounds. Destroy the tank. Exit the house and follow the Allied solider down the road to the southwest. Grab health and ammo from the field.

2 trucks will come down the road. Stay behind the low wall and secure the area. Continue west down the road. You will see a one story building under fire from a two story building. Enter the one story building through the west door. Inside the building go through the north door then talk to the guy standing in the corner.

[X} Objective Complete: Rendezvous with 82nd Airborne

Now take out the machine gun position on the second story of the house. Exit the building and enter the two story building. Clear the area. Exit the building and get the ammo from the small building to the west. Go back into the two story building and clear the upstairs. Do not take control of the machine gun. This just spawns extra enemies. Go back to the ground floor and exit the two story building to the south.

You are now in the vineyard. Work your way south. You will have to zig-zag east and west to find openings in each row. Any allied you have left should adequately cover you as you move through the vineyard. exit the vineyard and go southeast to meet up with any surviving members of the 82nd Airborne.

[X} Objective Complete: Assist 82nd Airborne

Gela - Regroup with the 82nd Airborne

Stop at the corner of the building to the southeast. A group of enemies will attack. Now walk east down the road. Past the Bohler go southeast and go behind the two story building. This triggers an attack. Watch for enemies coming around the corners of the building to the west and east. Also a tank will drive into town through the east gate. Take out the bazooka and destroy the tank. Go east around the building and circle back around to the front. Their will be two snipers in the upper story of the building. Toss a grenade into the open window.

Go east towards the destroyed tank and open the double doors to the south. There will be a bunch of enemies inside. Now Lt. Terry Lyndon likes to rush into the building and get killed. Try to prevent that by blocking the entrance and taking out as many enemies as possible before Lt. Terry charges.

Go up the stairs and go to the east end. Go out the door to the north and go down the stairs. You'll end up behind the tank that was blocking the gate. There is also one enemy waiting for you.

Go to the east up the road a little and man the Breda machine gun. There will be an enemy rush from the house to the southeast and from the road to the east. Head down the road to the east. Ahead of you will be a bunch of haystacks. There will be some enemies waiting there to try to ambush you. Follow the road as it turns south. You'll see a ruined two story building. Take out your bazooka and go up to the second floor of that building.

[X} Objective Complete: Secure the Village

Gela - Tank Assault

On the second floor you will find some heavy rounds for the bazooka and two Granatwerfers or mortars. There is one motor to the south and one mortar to the west.

When aiming the mortar the lower the cursor the farther the range of the mortar round. The higher the cursor the closer the motor round will land to the building. So when the target is far away aim as low as possible and as the target approaches aim a little bit higher. Also keep the mortar lined up with the center of the target.

You have to destroy the tanks using the mortar or the bazooka before they can get right next to the building. Start out aiming as low as possible then slowly adjust the cursor higher until you hit the tank. Only use the bazooka when the tanks are very close to the building. The further away the target the less damage the bazooka shell will inflict.

Man the south mortar first. There will be two tanks coming from the south. After those two tanks are destroyed go to the west mortar. There will be 2 tanks coming from the west. Then there will be 1 tank from the south. If you can't quickly destroy both west tanks then switch to the south tank then go back to the other west tank. The last waves will be 2 tanks from the south and 2 tanks from the west.

Step by step:
1) Go to the south mortar and move the cursor all the way to the bottom. Aim for the south tank on the right and start firing right away.
2) Move the cursor just above the top of the mortar barrel and start firing at the south tank on the left.
3) Go to the west mortar and move the cursor all the way to the bottom, and start firing at the west tank on the right.
4) Go to the south mortar, move the cursor all the way to the bottom, and fire at the single south tank.
5) Go to the west mortar, move the cursor all the way to the bottom, and fire on the remaining west tank.
6) Go to the south mortar, move the cursor all the way to the bottom, and fire on the south tank to the right.
7) Move the cursor over the south tank to the left and fire.
8) Go to the west mortar, move the cursor to about treetop level or higher and fire on the west tank on the right.
9) Keep the mortar at the treetop level and fire on the last tank.

[X} Objective Complete: Repel the Tank Attack