Battle Kasserine Pass

Operation Torch

Mission 1: The Battle of Kasserine Pass
Part I - The Battlefield
Part I - Taking Over the Panzer
Part I - The Fortified Gate
Part I - Infiltrate the Bunker

Mission 1: The Battle of Kasserine Pass - Part I
February 20, 1943

Objectives - Part I
-Fight Through the Enemy Lines
-Locate and Seize Enemy Artillery
-Find a Way Through the Fortified Gate
-Locate the Enemy Bunker
-Destroy Enemy Communications
-Search the Bunker for Intelligence
-Rendezvous with 1st Armored Division

The Battle of Kasserine Pass Part I - The Battlefield

Run north and get in the nearest trench and duck down. There will be a rush of enemies. Concentrate on the enemies running directly towards you. There will be some enemies off to the east which you don't really have to worry about.

When the rush is over turn to the northwest. You should be able to see an ammo box next to a barrier. Grab that ammo and continue NW. You'll see a trench in front of you with some enemies. Deal with them then start heading west. You'll reach a truck that you can use a cover. To the northwest of the truck is another enemy filled trench.

Go all the way to the west wall and turn north. There will be another truck that you can hide behind as some more enemies rush you. Head northeast to the next trench. In this trench you'll find a Panzerschreck and a Heavy Round. Head west and north along the wall until you see two tanks.

[X] Objective Complete: Fight Through the Enemy Lines

The Battle of Kasserine Pass Part I - Taking Over the Panzer

Get in the tank and take out the enemy Panzer tank.

Now you can either get out of the tank and proceed on foot or stay in the tank.

As soon as you enter the canyon there will be a mix of enemy riflemen and Panzerschreck troops. There will another Panzer tank. Take out the enemy tank using a couple shots from your Panzerschreck or use the tank.

You will reach a fortified area. There will be a machine gun nest being covered by another enemy Panzer tank. If you are still in the tank take out the Panzer first then the machine gun nest. Once the machine gun nest and the tank are dealt with get out of the tank. If you are on foot stay behind cover and take out the machine gun nest and Panzerschreck the tank if you have enough heavy rounds left.

West of the road you'll find a ladder going down. There is an ammo dump where you can pick up a Panzerschreck, heavy rounds, SMG ammo, rifle rounds, and health. Climb back up the ladder and deal with the Panzer if you haven't already destroyed the Panzer.

Go to the east side of the road and enter the trenches. Work your way to the bunker entrance. Search the bunker until you find a ladder going up. Use the switch to open the gate

[X] Objective Complete: Find a Way Through the Fortified Gate

The Battle of Kasserine Pass Part I - The Fortified Gate

Exit the trenches and get back onto the road. There will be some riflemen just on the other side of the open gate. There are also a Panzerschreck and another enemy on the stone bridge above the gate.

If you still have the tank available you can drive the tank down the road.

Use the rocks on both sides of the road as cover. Enemies will attack from the road, the stone bridges over the canyon, and from the canyon walls. There will be a Panzer tank in the canyon. You will have to abandon the tank since you can't get it past the destroyed Panzer.

Just past the Panzer is a bend in the road. Around the corner is a Flak 88. Take out the soldiers operating the Flak 88. Northeast from this Flak is a second Flak 88. North of the second Flak is a trench with some enemies in it. Deal with all the enemies.

[X} Objective Complete: Locate and Seize Enemy Artillery

Continue north down the road past the artillery. You will see a trench entrance. Make your way through the trenches. You will find an Allied soldier getting pinned down by the machine guns in the bunker. Take out the machine gunners and the enemies in the trenches.

[X} Objective Complete: Locate the Enemy Bunker

The Battle of Kasserine Pass Part I - Infiltrate the Bunker

Enter the bunker and go up the ladder to the north. Work your way through the bunker until you get to a room with 3 machine gun stations. There will be a set of double doors to the west. Through the double doors is the communications room. Destroy the three radios.

[X} Objective Complete: Destroy Enemy Communications

Continue going through the bunker. The Intelligence is on a table in a room with 2 machine gun stations. Exit the bunker through the double doors to the west. There will be some enemies in the narrow canyon. Meet up with the armor division to finish Part I.

[X} Objective Complete: Search the Bunker for Intelligence
[X} Objective Complete: Rendezvous with 1st Armored Division