19 Codes with Mission Weapon & Map Unlocks

Note: v1.11 or higher of the game may be required. Start the game with the "<drive and folder path>\moh_spearhead.exe" +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 command. Start a single player game, then press ~ to display the console window. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code Effect
dog God mode
fullheal or fullheald Full health
wuss All weapons and ammunition
noclip No clipping mode
notarget Remove target
toggle cg_3rd_person Third person view
listinventory List inventory
tele <x y z coordinates> Teleport to indicated location
map <map name> Level select
fadeout Level completed
restart Restart level
maplist List maps
coord Display current coordinates
health <number> Set health
kill Suicide
playermodel List models for Allies
set sv_walkspeed <number> Set walking speed
set sv_gravity <number> Set gravity
giveweapon weapons/"<weapon_name>".tik Spawn indicated weapon
seta g_m2l1 "1" Unlock mission 2
seta g_m3l1 "1" Unlock mission 3
seta g_m4l1 "1" Unlock mission 4
seta g_m5l1 "1" Unlock mission 5
seta g_m6l1 "1" Unlock mission 6
seta g_t2l1 "1" Unlock mission 2 (European version)
seta g_t3l1 "1" Unlock mission 3 (European version)
seta g_t4l1 "1" Unlock mission 4 (European version)
seta g_t5l1 "1" Unlock mission 5 (European version)
seta g_t6l1 "1" Unlock mission 6 (European version)
seta g_eogmedal2 "1" Unlock medal
seta g_eogmedal1 "1" Unlock medal
seta g_eogmedal0 "1" Unlock medal
seta g_medal5 "1" Unlock medal
seta g_medal4 "1" Unlock medal
seta g_medal3 "1" Unlock medal
seta g_medal2 "1" Unlock medal
seta g_medal1 "1" Unlock medal
seta g_medal0 "1" Unlock medal

Weapon Names Cheats

Use one of the following entries with the giveweapon weapons/"<weapon_name>".tik code.

  • colt45
  • m2frag_grenade
  • p38
  • steilhandgranate
  • m1_garand
  • kar98
  • shotgun
  • bazooka
  • panzerschreck
  • bar
  • mp44
  • thompsonsmg
  • mp40
  • springfield
  • kar98sniper

Map Names Cheats

Use one of the following entries with the map code.

  • e1l1
  • e1l2
  • e1l3
  • e1l4
  • e2l1
  • e2l2
  • e2l3
  • e3l1
  • e3l2
  • e3l3
  • e3l4