8. Libyan Rendezvous

Objective 1: Meet The Bribed Local Militia Man To Be Guided...

Sneak the guard on the docks, hide behind the crate and when he's returning back follow and break his neck.Before approaching your contact, I suggest killing the rest of the nearby guards first. Your contact has the habit of running all the way to the surveillance room even if there are guards ahead, thus shooting him and restarting your mission. Run straight to the front road. Then move slowly and turn left, you'll see a guard on his back. Approach and kill then shoot the guy on the balcony with your SOCOM. After that you can shoot the two guys on the road ahead but most of the time they will react and return fire causing the three guards far south to approach your area or worse sound the alarm. What I did here is I climbed first the ladder on the nearby building, then crouched and turned left, till I have a close view of the guard on the balcony. I shot his head alerting the nearby guards (just the guards not the alarm).

Then I ran (that's right RAN) back the ladder (so one of the guards will get close) and hide behind the drum. I shot him on the head with my SOCOM and when the other guy gets close I did the same way. After that move to the alley where the remaining nearby guard is standing. Climb the crates to have a closer look, use your SOCOM and pop him in the head. Go back to the local militia man and head to the surveillance room.

Objective 2: Shut Down The Surveillance Cameras For The Hotel

There's is still one guy inside the room, so shoot the camera on the wall first then kill the guard and get to the computer.

Objective 3: Pick Up Explosive Charge

Check your map and now the rest of the objectives can be seen. Head to the balcony where you shot one of the guards. That's where the explosive charge is.

Objective 4: Blow Up Refueling Vehicle In The Market Place

From where you're standing head to the balcony of the next building and jump to the ground. If you are on crouch mode and jumped you won't loose health. Head to the vehicle in the market place while crouching to avoid any sound, place the explosives at the back of the truck then run to the crates on the south west corner of the market place and hide. Wait till all of the guards get close to the bon fire then run (that's right RUN) to the west exit and move along the wall sides so the guard on the balcony can't see you.

Objective 5: Neutralize The Intelligence Operatives Guarding Priboi

Move along the alleys till you get close to the hotel. There are two snipers on the roof, if you picked the sniper rifle from the guard at objective 3 then get some nice position and shoot the snipers or just run ahead to the wide open doors of the hotel.

Objective 6: Get To The Hotel And Rescue Priboi

Once inside, turn left and find the room where Priboi is held.