7. Border Crossing

Objective 1: Ambush The Communications Vehicle Guards

Actually I already have the gut feeling that this will happen, and I miss Anya since the first game so it's good to hear her again. Run straight to the truck and move slowly when you get close to the first guard. Break his neck, get the rifle and move under the truck. Aim at the two guards in a way that both of them will be shot by just one fire.

Objective 2: Send Radio Signal For Rescue Helicopter

After you killed the three guards activate the radio signal and head to the extraction zone.

Objective 3: Move To Extraction Zone

This is the hard part, after you activated the signal the place ahead will be swarming with enemies/choppers/APCs. I found two ways for this objective:
1) After you've sent the signal face right, cross back to the other side of the road and crawl to the south. When you think your far enough from the communications vehicle run (that's right RUN) south until you reach the land mines.
2) After you've sent the signal face left and run (that's right RUN again) straight to the open space until you can see the lake. Don't go further coz there are APCs on the lake side, instead head to the trees south and either shoot or sneak the enemies there (about 3 I think). Then head to the land mines.

There's only one way to the extraction point & there are LOTS of bad guys here. I assume you already saved your game, hide under the bushes and wait for them to leave the south area. Most will leave while some will stay and patrol the area (most of the time 5 enemies). When that happens aim your rifle on the 5 guards and also the guard on the southern tower. When the south is clear (sometimes a group of guards still go back) crouch your way to the tower and climb the fence. Head to the chopper.



hey dude!
we should not kill the second 2 enemies by shooting.
we should kill them by knife. otherwise, other enemies will
see you and waste ur time. And most important- we should be crawling while doing that.


I am on the border crossing and have a rifle with scope but cannot find how to look through it , can anyone help,




Hey atyey , I did as you said and used the knife ok but only have 8 rounds in my pistol so desperately need the rifle and scope , but cannot find how to look thriugh it , what am I doing wrong ,




you need to go to controls in options menu.. i've forgotten cause I played it long agoo....... can try right click.. maybe standing up can help in that. ..

Gud day!
end the game up man! I also did it..



Go to controls and see which button is set for the alternate fire


Hey, Can anyone describe way no. 1 for completing border crossing in a more substantial manner?? For example how far from the radio vehicle?
Also how to sneak past the APCs?????


hey souptik, keep crouched or lie flat to do that. Go to options and then select lie flat and then configure scroll lock for it. if otherwise you have set it, use lie flat option and then move to the left side of the road.



I love this mission (theres no alarm there). i allways crawl in the big bushes and kill everyone (even with AK47) without getting a scratch because guards just can hear(not see) the gunshot!


press escape > controls > and set a botton for alternate fire


please help me. i am stuck with the chopper . it keeps firing me. i try to hide in the big bushes and wait for the people inside to unload two times. i kill some and get their ammo. but when i killed everyone, i checked my map and found no choppers or apcs. but when i try to run some thing or some one shoots me. please help me by a step bu step walk through. i had started the game in October 2011 and now i am stuck in this level for 17 days. here is my address: [email protected]. please help. i am begging to you all.


well,as said i have got to the place where we can see a lake. i walk past it and the two two APCs but when i come to the land mines(where a long red rope is) i cant get past it. the fence is on the other side of the rope thats why i cant complete the mission.please help me.


APCs are always there ritoban and if i am mistaken, then seee from ur binoculars and u will find them


hey ritoban, Heres some tips: 1.I know its boring but u should be ALWAYS in crawl (not even crouched because of the snipers, choppers and APCs) 2.always shoot through bushes (even small ones are ok), just place ur gun in it wisely and shoot the enemies FAST, cos they can! hear the gunshot and will run to ur position (its useful at the begining of the level, attracting and killing all nearby patrols.) 3.if u want more sniper rifle rounds, dont send the signal for anya immediately, just go ahead and kill snipers. 4.dont even think about getting close to the lake or engaging apcs/choppers!