6. Production Facility

Objective 1: Disable The Security Cameras

This is one difficult mission I must say, you must have enough PATIENCE and careful study of the patrol routes here. It took me hours to find the best way w/o sounding the alarm and fighting the monsters (i mean guards). Use your SAVE slots wisely. You'll be in crouch mode most of the time and the PEEK command will be very useful here too, so better configure it near your directional buttons. When the mission starts check your map and run to the nearest guard on the hill. Approach from the back and when you get close shift to crouch mode. To save your ammo break his neck(Damn! It was only in this mission when I found out you can snap you enemy's neck from behind). Pick his dragunov and from where you're standing locate the other guy whose out of the compound (in the trees), use thermal goggles to trace him easily.

Aim from here so the nearby guards won't hear or know where the shot came from. Move to the hill on your left and aim for the guard whose patrolling the northern wall (the wall closest to you). I suggest shooting the guard on the north-east corner first because he sometimes shoots back. After that snipe the patrolling guard on the wall, I must say it's important that you take care of him early coz you'll be passing that wall on your way to objective 4. Now using your binoculars check if the rest of the guards we're alarmed... if not then you did the right way. Head to the trees on the west and locate the body of the guard you just shot, he also has a dragunov so you'll have more rifle ammo (actually after the guards on the wall, I never used my primary weapon on this mission).

Your next move is to get inside the parking area. Study the movement of the two guards here and when both of them are walking far from the main gate run and lock pick it. Head to the truck on your right and time your movement again. When they're going the same way as before run to the main door and avoid being caught by the camera. I suggest saving here. Now activate the panel and switch to crouch mode, enter the building quietly. Move to the left side of the building, just across the stairs going up. You'll notice the camera on the top (opposite the outside camera), don't worry coz the cam will not rotate to your direction. What you have to time right is the camera just above you. The security system by the way is located on the left room in the 2nd floor from where you're standing. Still on crouch mode move a little on the first steps of the stairs facing the location of the cam above. Peek to see where its rotating, and crouch your way to the top of the stairs. There's also a post here so you can hide behind it. Peek again so you'll know when to move then crouch to the security room. Most of the times one cam will see you and beep once but after you get inside the room they'll stop. Disable the security system.

Objective 2: Steal The Blueprints For The EMP Chips

Before you get out peek outside because the room across you is now open and there's a guard walking back and forth. Time his movement once again, crouch and head back down and into the basement where the blueprints are located. Make your way up again to the security room and check the movement of the guy in the 2nd floor.I suggest saving again here.

Objective 3: Turn Off The Power For The Electrical Fences

Your next target is the switch for the electrical fences, head to the door next to the security room (not the door leading to the balcony). Here study the guards patrol routes again. Check your map, when the 2 ground guards start walking north-east and the guard at the balcony is turning back south... that's your time to crouch the walkway up to the end post. Don't kill the poor guy coz the nearby guard will see, instead just turn the switch off while his busy over-looking the forest. Check your map again and wait for the same opportunity and jump the walkway (that's right JUMP!).

Objective 4: Turn On The Power For The Factory Machinery

The purpose of objective 3 is for you to be able to climb the fence to the main facility compound (you can now climb the fence left of the mid gate), but I find it difficult to run forward w/o being detected. What I did is I moved around and climbed the northern wall, thus my suggestion of killing the patrolling guard earlier on the mission. Check the map below so you'll know where to go. From your landing spot move slowly to the crates and cargo container a bit north. Still on crouch mode jump the crates and also on the container, once above crawl to the end and let yourself fall. If you're fast enough you're already crouching to the next cargo container before one of the guards see you. If you prefer to wait, he'll move around and you will be seen but before he make some noise shoot him in the head with a pistol. Check if the other guard notices... if not then we're still cool. Crouch to the next cargo container and climb the ladder behind the building. Still crouch and head to the next compound, climb down and head to the door behind the factory. Hey have you been saving your game lately?

Watch out for the patrolling guard on the eastern wall, there are cargo containers here so you can hide and wait while he passes. Go to the back door and still on crouch mode enter the factory. Hide behind the crates, you'll see a camera just ahead and if you peek above the crates you'll notice the two guards beside the truck. Equip your SD and shoot the camera, crawl to the left near the conveyor belt and from here you can: 1) jump the crates quietly and open the door; or 2) crawl under the truck and shoot the 2 guards fast before heading the next room. Open the door and shoot the camera on the wall. Crawl your way to the stairs far ahead and turn on the power for the factory machinery.

Objective 5: Hack The Computer Controlling the Assembly Line Machinery

Crawl your way back, cross the conveyor belt and sneak past the two scientists/factory workers. If you get caught shoot both of them and hope that the guards across don't hear you. Crawl up and do some hacking.

Objective 6: Get To The Helicopter For Evacuation

After that you'll hear the alarm (just when you thought you finished the mission w/o that sound). Run (that's right RUN) the hell out of this place, climb the wall and jump wherever you want (outside the compound or to the parking area). Run to the trees while swaying left and right to avoid "friendly" fires and wait until the chopper lands for a big surprise!