5. Ambush

Common Questions For This Mission:

Mission 5 is more difficult, how can I beat all of them plus the APC?
You probably waited for the APC to unload the bad guys inside. You'll really have a problem approaching the convoy, I suggest running immediately to the convoy and get the rocket launcher before it unloads the baddies.

Objective 1: Destroy The APC Using The Rocker Launcher Found In The Convoy

I did this mission the fast way so I can avoid those guys unloaded by the APC and the baddies from the choppers. When the mission starts run to the convoy and massacre all those who breathe (except you). Use your m16 grenades before getting close and kill the rest. Quickly pick the rocket launcher at the back of the 2nd truck and aim at the APC before it unloads more soldiers.

Objective 2: Pick Up The EMP Chips From The Trucks In The Convoy

After that run to the first truck where the chips are and activate the panel on the back to open the door. Pick the EMP chips and you'll notice two choppers landing on your starting point. That's a No No, because that's not your chopper.

Objective 3: Await The Helicopter For Evacuation

Head far north before more enemies approach you, I ran on the hill north of the first objective compound. Check your map and look for your helicopter (the chopper with #3 in it) and wait for it to pick you up.


Vikrant Sood


In objective 2 you need not open the door for the truck which has EMP chip as some one might see you. If you crawl under the same truck the chips are stolen (YES Without opening the truck’s door)


FOR this mission just go and lie near a bush near the trucks.now shoot comfortably.no need for silenced weapons.shoot with your machine gun.they just won't notice you.you can easily kill them all if you are hidden behind a bush.you won't get a scratch on yourself


when you start positon yourself in the big bush and kill all the guards silently but fast with the best accuracy. there is a sniper running above kill him too. then get the rocket launcher and destroy the apc with the baddies. do it fast before it unloads the bad guys, if you destroy it with the guards it will be two things at once. then get the chips and run into the hill and wait for Your OWN M3# helicopter. because there will be two other helicopters coming. just ignore the dumb asses. then get into your copter. mission ends. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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