4. Bridge Across The Dnestr

You can't finish this mission in just one run. You're bound to restart especially on the warehouse area where you'll probably spend most of your time. If you picked the c4 with around 5 or 4 minutes left then it's still a good run, if more than that then the better. Sneaking down the hill to pick the fuse/timer is more easier. Planting the bombs is also easy as long as you time your run on the bridge, that way you'll never be killed by the nearby guards. Side stepping while running also helps to avoid shots. Save wisely, if you think you arrived at one spot earlier than before, then save so you don't have to restart all over.

Objective 1: Infiltrate Warehouse & Acquire Four C4 Charges

Head to the warehouse up north, there are two ways to get inside the compound. One is the obvious way w/c is the gate while the 2nd is an opening in the fence in the south part (check the map below). There are four guards in the first warehouse area, sneak in to them one by one by hiding behind the trucks or below the trucks. Shoot them in a manner that will not create too much noise. Once the other guy reacts blow his head and do the same with the others... fast. Now on to the next area, study the movement of the 2 patrols here and notice they move up and down almost at the same time. Sneak behind the truck then unto the first cargo container and wait for the mid guard to pass and stop at the bushes. Pop his head once and if you're far enough from the 2nd guard he will not hear you. Crawl your way to the bushes on the south- east part and wait for the 2nd guy to get close and shoot his head too. If you're lucky the two remaining guards will only stare but not approach your area. When that happens you can also try two ways here:

  1. Crawl again until your reach the 2 guards and hide under the nearest truck, destroy the camera first and quickly shoot the two guys.
  2. Head back and hide to the left side of the first cargo container and aim at the camera from long range (use your pistol). After the camera's shut aim for the guards shoot any of them and wait for the remaining guy to run and sound the alarm button, he will get close so you can shoot him easily before he presses the alarm.

Once the area is clear head to the warehouse and still crouch your way inside. Hide behind the crates and shoot the closest guard. Then before shooting the two far guards aim for the camera first. After that kill the remaining guards including the guy at the top walkway. Unlock the gate, pick the C4 and use the backdoor to get out. There's still a guard here but he has his back on you so quietly approach and shoot him in the head. Use the eastern gate and position yourself on the hill.

Objective 2: Acquire The Timers & Fuses From A Patrol Near The Bridge

Observe the area here and check the location of the timer/fuse. Quietly crawl on the side of the hill and hide from the bushes. Most of the guards here are facing the river side so you can sneak behind them and you only have to worry about the two patrolling guards so better check their movements. Once you get the timer/fuse crawl until you reach the road and get ready to dodge some bullets.

Objective 3: Set A C4 On Each On Of The 4 Supporting Pillars Of The Bridge

Run (that's right RUN!!!) to the pillars and shoot the patrolling guard on the bridge while dodging the bullets from the previous camp. Set the C4 on each pillars run around the other side of the bridge and do the same. Then head to the 4th objective location.

Objective 4: Get To Safety Before The Bridge Explodes...

Just wait for the bombs to explode... the timer is set to 20 seconds so better have at least a minute or more left when your planting the C4s so the bridge will fall before the convoy arrives.



this walkthrough is of no use. i did it in a better and easy way. when the mission starts, swim across the river and blast the 12 guys near the truck. i mean use the explosives of the m16a2. then drop it pick up the two dragunov. equip your sd and kill the two guards in the bridge. then move near the peak where you can see the objective 2 area easily. snipe all the baddies. complete objective2. then go back to the high hill where you started. position yourself so that you can see each and every guy in the house. snipe the 4 guys on the left compound and snipe the guys on the right compound without raising the alarm. you must save the game before sniping the guards on the right. if you are a good sniper, you can do it in a first try.then head inside the ware house using the gate or the opening in the fence. open the gate to go to the right compound. you would better destroy the camera while you where sniping. now head in the 1st objective warehouse. crouch inside and destroy the camera first and then kill the three guys inside with your sd. complete the objective and then fit the bombs in about one minute in the supporting pillars of the bridge. you better have more than 20 seconds left now because the bridge will explode after 20 seconds. go as back as possible in this time to avoid collision or to get hurt. then wait for the mission to end. if you liked it email me at my adress:[email protected]. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just can't plant a c4 on the pillars,how to do It?