19. The Launch Pad

Objective 1: Stop Fuel

You start off on the mast, quickly climb down and lie down. Slowly move towards the edge of the roof, use the SMG to kill the 2 people in the control booth. Then climb down the 2nd ladder, clear the area, open the gate by using the computer in the booth, move out and run in direction of the tanks. Here kill the guy in the booth, open the gate and kill the few guys in that area. Use two valves to stop the fuel.

Objective 2: Place The Transmitter At The Rocket

Use the elevator to get to the top of the rocket. Simply place the transmitter here. Until you do that there is hardly any resistance, but two snipers in your back.

Objective 3: Bring In The Arms At The Rocket

Bringing in the arms is not the hard part but surviving the masses of enemies that now target you after placing the transmitter. Grab the Sniper rifle from the dead sniper at the top of the rocket and try to kill as many soldiers on the ground as possible. Some of the enemies already began to climb up the stairs towards you, so be careful here too. Now start your way down. Make sure you always walk on solid surface, as soon as you walk over the grate, the enemies might shoot you from below. So make your way down to the three arms, bring them in, then run down the stairs as soon as there is no more resistance. Make sure you use the mini gun as heavy weapon.

Objective 4: Lock The Bunker

Time is a bit of a factor in this mission so run down the tower, cross the green over to the bunker, eliminate the guy in the booth, go in, open the grate and run to the left of the bunker. Here use the code lock, as soon as the door opens go in and directly turn left again, you'll see another code pad, use it. Make your way up, eliminate the 1st troops coming at you. On the left side of the structure there is a lever, use it.



i dunno..... these objectives and the objectives those appear on the game are different....
there are 5 objectives in the game and only 4 are given here.....


The 5th objective is to launch the rocket, that's it. There's two red buttons you have to press, then the game is over.


The version i am playing shows the 3rd level as "Move the Gantry" I moved the small walkway to the left,.. the one that connects the tower to the rocket. Is that the gantry..? because once i do that, about 10-15 soldiers come running towards me. I am just not able to clear Objective 3 'Move the gantry' (Whats a gantry..?)


The gantry are the three links that connect the rocket with the main steel structure. without removing it the rocket can't fly. use the three codepads to remove them.

Zeran Khan

And the end of the mission Anya kills Jones with silenced Glock-17 and him in the end. The missile goes to the Wu Xing's lab. Don't believe!!. Check the database of IGI-4 Code Of Honour to get prove. You will believe!!!!!!!!!!!


the gantries are not moving instead i troed everything,i used the three codepads but it did not seem to work.


the gantries are not moving....i tried nd tried but it did not work!!!plzz give me a hint to move gantries

Farrukh Ehsan

the gantries are not moving….i tried nd tried but it did not work!!!plzz give me a hint to move gantries


Hrishi Make sure you complete objective 1 properly otherwise it gantries will not move. In first objective make sure you close both the fuel lines.


I am unable to move the gantries. I used all the three codepads, but none of them seem works. plz help me to complete the game.


Hey Arif, make sure (in objective section of map) u completed previous objectives, if problem persists, install the game again and reload the mission by this at main menu: left control+left shift+F9


well if you need to move the gantry, when you have fitted the computer in the rocket, you will see bridges connecting the tower and rocket. use the code-pads after doing the second objectives. After you have done that, run to the top of tower and then look for some wire connecting the bridge and the place from where we had started. now run to objective 4 sit. kill the enemies running in front of gate. Look for grenades. When you get grenades, open the main entrance an throw it on those guys. then take an RPG gun and go inside. Lock your main entrance. run inside, pull the green leaver an then press the red button. it would open a door full of enemies. Use you RPG to kill all of them. then look for another red button, press it two times and whoa!!!

I completed the game!!


i've seen the ending but they do not show anya killing jones in real video when i ended this game....


I never use my primary weapon in previous mission, so after killing the guard at one of watchtowers in that mission and getting his sniper rifle, you'll have no problem about this one. do 1st objective, First kill the 3 snipers near missile and guards near elevator then go up. as soon as the elevator stops, a chopper will appear. go up quickly and kill them while they're getting off one by one then place the transmitter. use first codepad (alarm!) and u will notice an APC and troop near the starting point. kill them all with ur rifle. use other codepads and go up again, use the wire. just be careful about APC and its RPG guys. kill them but dont forget to get RPG7 or FNminimi from dead bodies and get ready for another blood party inside :)


how do u seal the bunker? i tried and tried but the lever isnt working...


you should close the door by using inner codepad. otherwise you can't activate the lever because the building is not safe yet.

The Boss

hey i cant enter the The Bunker....once i reach near the code pad i cant take in hand....the code pad symbol is not displaying at all.....running all around the compound.....also cant find another way to enter in the bunker....please tell a way to complete objective 4...


boss u have not disconnect the bridges connecting the tower and the rocket. while climbing ladders in tower u'll see codepads and the gallery, dont move in gallery just press the codepad.

hint: users pls read carefully:

while climbing ladders press codepad as well, u'll b able to press only two codepads, the third codepad will work after u complete objective 2.
after using the third codepad go on top where u killed sniper their u'll see a rope (opposite to ladder), just grab it and u'll reach on the tower u begun the game. move silently and get out of the main gate and cross the road. here u see a gate just shoot with ur smg to open. move towards the right of building and go ahead along wall till u reach the end of building. turn left silently and open the gate using codepad, enter the room(bunker) and use the inside codepad to lock it.

their r 4 guard kill them and press the green button on the leftside. go ahead and press the red button, move fastly to right and throw graneds on the enemies kill all of them and press the another red button on other side.

thats it the game will end.

hope this will help.


After completion of objective 3 when climbing down the stair keep releasing all the support of rocket then and then only objective 3 will be completed so is you have then 3 minutes remaining then it will be more then enough. Just go to the objective 4 (if you ahve killed every one on the ground then it will be easy for you even with the booth guy) open the door and also close it again. Now you will 4 guys inside kill of them if you have not enough amino then batter to take some other weapons. Now press the button on the left side when you do the same roght side gate will open and one troop will come out so aslso kill of them and press the two red buttons. It's over.


That's correct.... First of all there are 5 objectives.. Lemme Explain:

The moment you enter that bunker lock it from inside first by the digital lock on the left wall, then once you will head inside by killing those scientists and other guards, you will see a room with lots of computer n gadgets. just as u move down the aisle you will see a machine on bottom left with a light ON, work on it n that should complete objective 04.

In front of this room there is red buzzer, before you go and press it make sure you reload coz from the adjacent lab around 6-7guards will come to kill you. As soon you hit the first buzzer you will hear an alarm and a message about minus 10 secs something** be prepared to kill all those men in the adjacent lab and then hit the second buzzer located near rear view. One you press it
Mission Complete...

Now the real fun which i believed when i played same mission twice; that was about ANYA kill JONES with a Silenced Glock-17 which was quite disheartening.. rather she shud have kissed JONES for doing such a tremendous JOB.. LOL.. but that's how it ends you will see choppers and a bomb explosion before ANYA does your Game OVER..


u have to stop the fuel line there are 2 valves and after just continu mission..sry about bad writing...


had great fun by playing this tremendous game.. Wanna play again to improve my skills.. Yeah will start with 1 st mission again...
and in the objextive 5. stand near the red button.. choose hand granade.. throw it through the space between the big glasses and quickly press red button... its easy... after that go to other side and press the 2 nd red button... Yuhooooooooo... :)