17. Secret Weapons Lab

Objective 1: Get Blueprints Of Laboratory

Crouch and follow the 2 guards on your front. Turn left to the filing cabinets and find the blueprints.

Objective 2: Customize Transmitter

Move to the room on your right and head to the transmitter. Watch for the guards walking near the stairs and also for the camera near the transmitter. Once you're done with the transmitter move back to the previous room and prepare to go down the stairs. Wait for the 2 guards to move on the other side and also check the camera facing the stairs.

Objective 3: Upload Data On EMP Weapons

Head down and jump to the right side of the stairs to avoid being noticed by the nearby guards. Move around the stairs, jump the crates near the huge Buddha (is that a Buddha?) and jump on the other side into the tunnel. Check your map, you'll see a red pipe like structure going down, that's the ventilation shaft and that's where you're going. To get there though you have to picklock the gate while the camera is rotating on the other side. Do the same to open the ventilation shaft and get inside. After that, crouch to your right. This leads you down the white pipe, follow that pipe until you reach the kitchen side of the laboratory. Get inside, move right to the dining room and into the main lab. Look for guards patrolling the area.

Head to the main lab, and move to the right coz there's a camera and a group of enemies on your left. Crouch under the walkway so guys walking above will not notice you. Continue crouching to the 2nd area where objective 3 is. Move under the walkway and into the computer in the center. Upload data on EMP weapons and wait for a cut scene.

After that quickly crouch and snipe Yao Ming (or whoever he is) and also shoot the 2 guards beside him. Run behind the servers(?) and wait for guards coming out of the room at the back. Shoot them with you rifle as they come out one by one. After that crouch, turn around and shoot the guards coming from the 1st laboratory area. You can shoot them while aiming under the servers.



Hi. In IGI 2 ..secret weaponslab.....the enemy are not moving at .....they all are froozen. But i can move freely everywhere. The Objective No. 1 ....the file drawer on the left side ..i am opening it but it still shows that objective no. 1 is not completed ....please help.

Kumar Ayush

There are a total of 5 drawers in the room. You will have to open any 3 of them to get the objective1 completed.

ganguly probuddho

after getting the info from the comp i kill most of the people but i get killed by the hand grenades thrown by the soldier from the lab side even after hiding behind the servers
plz suggest a way to save myself!!!!!!!!!1


Before going to computer, get the medical item (on a trolley! or whatever itis) and after the cutscene and killing the boss, quickly go behind servers, kill incoming guys and as soon as the last guy opened the door, run to the room shooting him, enter, crawl and use medi pack and get ready to kill others.


I didn't move through ventilation shaft but through mail road and I killed almost every guard in this level but there is no EMP Weapon. Where to find it. please help.