16. The Ancient Temple

Objective 1: Neutralize Enemy Snipers

Run to your left, go a bit closer to the front gate and the snipers. Aim and shoot all 7 of the snipers, I suggest hitting the guards in the middle (one of them sounds the alarm). From here if you can snipe the 2 patrolling guards on the left and right side of the wall (RPG armed) then shoot them so you'll have no problem once inside. Just restart if your hear the siren.

Objective 2: Gain Access To Main Gate

Head to the main gate and open it. Crouch and climb the stairs to where the previous snipers are. If you killed the patrolling RPG armed guards along the wall then just crawl to the west side of the courtyard. If not sneak and kill them with your SMG when they get close. There's a wire here where you can slide down to the guard hut on the next area.

Once on the next area... crouch, jump and move around the trees and the crates coz there are 3 guards patrolling this area. Open the west gate to gain access to the next courtyard.

Objective 3: Disable Security Cameras

Still check the movement of the guards on the walls. Crouch near the truck and crawl behind the house. There's a security camera on the nearby building so hide on the posts or the crates to avoid detection. Enter the house and sneak behind the guard inside. Snap his neck and disable security cameras.

Objective 4: Re-align Satellite Dish

Head to objective 4 building, still crouch to avoid the enemies near the communications tower. Get inside and re-align satellite dish.

Objective 5: Gain Access To Main Temple Building

Get out, and head to the large communications tower near you. Activate the panel and climb up. Before you slide, snipe first the 2 guards standing on the 2nd floor of the main temple. Slide down the wire to reach the western gate, climb down the ladder, sneak behind the 2 guards in the middle and use your Silenced SMG. Check the other patrolling guards and head to the next ladder, climb up, and slide down the wire. Move around and find the door to the temple building.



How can i get to the higher levels (towers) of main gate (both left and right) to get snipers' rifles? is it possible?

Sheikh Zain

Its simple, you have to shoot those guys at the start of this mission. Don't worry about the alarm being on or not .... Kill as much as you can form the outside of this temple.


I know, but I mean the rifles.

Abhimanyu Verma

No u can't get those rifles..