15. Air-Strike

Objective 1: Get In Range & Tag 1st SAM Launcher

Get down and hide behind the crates down the hill. Use your laser designator and aim at the SAM launcher, wait for the counter to reach zero and the friendly fighter will drop bomb on it.

Objective 2: Get In Range Of 2nd SAM Launcher Before Friendly...

From here crawl your way under the trees, and avoid getting close to other enemies on the ground. When you think you're far from the 1st compound and no one can see you, quickly run down the hill until you reach the road below. Cross the road and run on the other side, check your map if your getting close to a group of guards. When this happens jump into the ocean (that's right JUMP!) and swim to the other side of the 2nd area.

Then go up the hill, check your map and get close to the 2nd SAM site.

Objective 3: Tag 2nd SAM Launcher

Use again your laser designator to tag the SAM launcher, then continue going up the hill.

Objective 4: Move To Dropzone & Collect Equipment Canister

You can avoid the enemies up the hill if you always check your map and just move around to reach the drop zone.


Sharad Tyagi

When Iam tagging the SAM missiles, the count is becoming zero but objective 1 complete is not coming as well as 2.

Tushar Jain

In objective 3 where should be my laser designator target.....?????

Ash c hasan

you have to tag the two sam stealthly. . . If u kill all the enemy first . . .ur laser taging won't work. . . Cause they will fire down the friendly fighter before u tag the two sam.

peter pan

project igi mission Airstrike is rubbish after tagging the laser nothing happens and objective 4 is only imagination there is nothing cannister and all. . .
what the hell author is this...rubbish