10. Priboi's Villa

Objective 1: Take Backup Of Priboi's Computer Records

From where you're standing aim at the 3 guards outside the villa and kill them with your sniper rifle. Head to the front wooden gate, shoot the guard that patrols the roof and open the gate. Crouch and check the guards on your map. Destroy the camera on one of the buildings and shoot the patrolling guards using your SOCOM, shoot also the remaining guards on both building roofs. Crouch your way to the building on your right. Head to the roof, use the wire to get to the other building, then slide on the other wire down to Priboi's main house. Hide behind the posts and check the 2 security cameras rotation. Shoot them if you like, open the door panel and head inside. Still on crouch mode close the door behind and check the guards patrolling the northern side of the house. They'll see you through the glass windows if you're not careful so time their movement then jump down on the middle and head to the kitchen at the back. There's a guard here but he won't notice you if your crouching. Snap his neck then head down to Priboi's room.

Don't forget to close the middle door you just passed for guards might still see you. The left door leads to the computer records, open the door and peek through the window. You'll see a security camera and 2 guards as well. crawl to the corner and close the door behind. Peek again to see the camera's rotation then crawl to the back of the sofa. Move around to the computer and take the backup, then head out the same way you entered.

Objective 2: Pick Up The Envelope Located In The Safe In Priboi's Bedroom

Go to the right door, and simply crouch to the safe. The guard here has his back on you and there's no security camera around. If you still prefer to kill the guards outside like I do then crawl near the door to Priboi's computer. Shoot the camera outside with your sniper rifle and quickly shoot one of the guards below it. Crouch back to the door corner, wait for one of the guards to enter and sound the alarm, but before he presses that you should be able to kill him with your SOCOM. If no one enters then good, if you peeked and they seemed not alarmed then better... shoot the one behind the window and silently approach the other and break his neck. Don't kill the guard patrolling on the other side of the pool coz lots of guards can see him both above and below.

Objective 3: Get Out Of There In Priboi's Limousine...

See the map below to know where you're going. Crouch to the left side of the pool area and head down to the lower level of the compound. Crawl on the left side of the railing, to avoid being seen. Jump down to the south east room of the garage and use the ladder to get inside. Hide behind the truck and move behind the northern buildings to avoid enemies. Check the patrolling guards and head to the limousine.

****JACKHAMMER MASS MURDERING**** Sameer Verma e-mailed me with this one, including the computer that I missed. This terminal disables the cameras for 1 minute. Here's what he said:

"I would like to bring one thing in notice to you that in PRIBOI'S VILLA stage when we have climbed the stairs to building to the right and have used the wire to get to the roof of the other building, then you straightaway grabbed the other wire and went down. However what I did was something else. I crouched and opened the door of that building and head to the door just right after opening the door. Still crouched i went slowly down the stairs ,checking with thermal maps for guards position and entered the door right on the first floor . There were two guards on the two windows facing it. I broke the neck of both and took the jack hammer from the stockpile. It has enough ammo to massacre all the guards . Then I walked to the computer and disabled the cameras for one minute. After that I crouched and head to the roof, used wire to get to the door of main villa. As cameras were disabled for 1 min. I quickly went inside and took hide in one of the rooms in the kitchen and waited for all the guards to come and killed all the rascals . MY GOD! jack hammer was so effective . It's the best gun I have found up till now."

Note: doing this one will definitely not result an Agent ranking, it's just for the fun of using jackhammer w/c is one of the most powerful weapons of the game. Just be sure to pick your sniper rifle back before ending the mission.


vineet sharma

Priboi's Villa is one of the enjoyable stage in igi-2. In this stage i enjoy Jackhammervvery much this guns shots very well and one perfect shot is enough to kill a guard even more than one, here i do something ifferent as follows hope so u'll like this

first from which place jones appear in this stage lay down flat and kill all three guard with your sniper rifle than kill all four guard where first is on the roof with sniper, second is below him and third is in the window situated above the main gate than wait for a minute and a guard come on the right side roof kill him too here you've two choices
1st. you've sufficient ammo than you can kill each guard with ur sniper and with socom, you can kill the guards near garage with sniper and kill others with socom and rest of sniper may be two or three guards can survive than you can kill them later.

2nd. after killing all guards with sniper including roof where one from window, two from roofs right and left and one sniper than go from here and take three uzis and get inside and silently kill the guard who is petrolling now walk right and climb on stairs(beside the main gate) now fire on the building where security guards are standing after hearing shots they'll come immediately than fire on them not for kill them either they can kill you too , take position in front of main gate in crouch position and ready with your uzi and kill all four guards one by one now take AK-47 and head to the building situated front of you than reach on roof and check with thermal binocular than two guards are here kill them with AK -47 with the help of thermal binoculars now may be one guard can go to switch the alarm them kill him too. Now you can easily kill the guard who is clearly be seen through the window than again mark place of the guard with thermal binoculars and kill him too or you can kill the rest of two guards by entering in large building after killing all guards take jackhammer and switch off the cameras for 1 minute now go to the villa and be alert and after observing the guards position open the gate here take precaution that guards are not in heavy quantity or you can be killed immediate after entering in the gate just observe position and enter in crouch position and immediate take lay down position and target to the stairs now kill the one guard who is standing and now ready for approximate 9 guards than kill them one by one (this is most enjoyable part that i enjoyed very much with jackhammer) now three guards with AK-47 and may be one or two guards left so one is in a small area situated left when you headed to gate and may be next is standing right in the kitchen so observe them with thermal binoculars if both are present than take the right side way and first kill the guards in kitchen and than kill the next in small area but remember go in crouch position only. After that three guards remain with AK-47 so walk carefully on stairs than they can arrive suddenly and reach to the next gate but not too close that a guard or camera can observe you now check your ammo and you must have approximate min 6-7 shots in Jackhammer so firde one blank on piller than they will come one by one kill them all if one of them will not come than kill him carefully now you can complete both objectives 1, 2.

Objective3: now head to the area just above the field where 6-7 guards are petrolling so just come here above of the room where a window is situated now kill all guards carefully but take care of grenade here may b one-two guards can through it on you here if you already kill these guards with sniper than you can freely walk to the objective three now you've completed the game!