Maps & Demos

IGI 2 Winterland Multiplayer Map
The first IGI 2 snow based
multiplayer mission with Conspiracy as attackers inevitably trying to
launch 2 missiles from 2 mobile launchers. It is IGI's job to defend the
mountain top base from the hoardes of evil.

IGI 2 Area27 Multiplayer Map
Yet another map released but this
time all set indoors at the Lab. Conspiracy are attacking the lab, their
final objective to place and explode their bomb. IGI's job is to stop
them at all costs. Use the multiple entry points, corridors and tunnels
to gain access. That chinese bloke is counting on you.

Dockside Multiplayer Beta Map
Working your way to the coast you
and your team have located a Conspiracy base set up at the docks. Your
mission objectives are to plant a virus in the dockyard's security
system, find the High Explosive Detonators and finally destroy one of
two ekranoplanes loaded up with valuable cargo that the Conspiracy are
trying to transport. Your mission is made more difficult as the
Conspiracy group work hard to defend their base.

Libyan Village Beta Map
New Libyan Village multiplayer beta

In this mission, IGI operatives have located some papers deep inside the
village, which they must retrieve. Once the papers have been recovered a
computer virus must be planted in an enemy compound and a fuel dump
blown up to cover your tracks.

Single Player Demo 2 (zipped)
Experience dramatic and deadly
action with an all-new and explosive playable demo. Set in a 1950s
Soviet weather station, high in the Carpathian Mountains and has David
Jones, our IGI (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) agent, on a
reconnaissance mission tracking down a nano-technology chip, held by the
local mafia.

Project IGI2: Covert Strike - Multiplayer Demo v0.9 (zipped)
PC gamers can experience IGI 2:
Covert Strike’s incredible multiplayer gameplay, ahead of the game’s
February release.

Delivering dynamic multi-objective team-based combat, gameplay pits IGI
(Institute for Geotactical Intelligence) operatives against the
Conspiracy terrorist group. This public Multiplayer Beta Test features
the “Timberland” map and calls for stealth and weapon skills. In
Timberland, the IGI operatives’ aim is to sabotage an old mineral plant
that the Conspiracy is using as a cover to extract uranium for covert
weapons manufacturing.

Project IGI2: Covert Strike - Single Player DEMO (zipped)
Gamers can now experience covert
action IGI style with launch of the single-player demo of Codemasters’
stunning stealth-based shooter.

The IGI 2: Covert Strike playable demo calls for skilful stealth tactics
but players also need to be sharp shooters when the need arises. The
mission is set in a goldmine in the Carpathian foothills of Romania and
sees David Jones, our IGI (Institute for Geotactical Intelligence)
agent, investigating the theft of an advanced nano-technology device by
an organised crime syndicate.