+5 Trainer by Deviated

F3 - Infinite Health
F4 - Infinite Ammo
F5 - Fast LockPick
F6 - You Can't See Me
F7 - Freeze Timer
F8 - Back To Normal


Fast LockPick:
This option will do exactly what it says.. Your character will open any door with just a press of the button..No more waiting for the door to be opened :). In some levels, you will need to turn the option off.

You Can't See Me:
The BEST option of the trainer. Just like you can't see John Cena(any WWE fans ? ;)) when he is using FU, in the same way Enemies Can't See you when you use this option ;). This option will make your enemies completely blind. They will be blind but not deaf so use Silenced weapons and watch your visibility meter. If you make noise, they will get suspicious and sometime fire at that spot so just move away from there or stand still. They will just start wandering around searching for somebody suspicious. Its like playing around with a deaf person so be generous and don't tease them much ;)